What is Infinity Online Service (IOS) and Infinity Credits
How to Sign In and use Infinity Online Service (IOS)

How to Sign In and use Infinity Online Service (IOS)

If you do not have any Infinity product yet please contact to any seller, order Infinity Credits and you will get IOS Username and Password from the seller.
If you are user of any Infinity Box or Dongle your Infinity Online Service (IOS) account already activated, additional registration is not required.

  1. Connect Dongle or Box to PC
  2. Download and run Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager]
  3. Select Read Online Service Username/Password and you will get IOS Username and Password

DongleManager has FACTORY DEFAULT password.
After you change your password you can not use FACTORY DEFAULT password any more.

Sign In to Infinity Online Service (IOS) with your IOS Username and Password

Sign In

You can secure your account with Two-Factor Authentication via Smart-Card Token or U2F
If you forgot your password you can reset it at Sign In page
If you lost access to your registered e-mail send an e-mail to support to update your account settings

Server API

Configure your DHRU server to work with Infinity Online Service (IOS)

Install Infinity Online Service (IOS) API for other servers

How to use Infinity Credits

How to Activate more software with Infinity Credits

How to report a problem via Infinity Online Service (IOS)

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