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2023-05-18 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.22 with updated loaders

Alcatel/TCL, Blu, BQ, Hisense, iTel, G-Tab, Lenovo, Prestigio, Realme, Reeder, Safaricom, Symphony, Tecno, Wiko, ZTE

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2023-05-14 Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.44 Infinix/Tecno no need Test Point and more features

NOTE: v2.44r2 has updated device database - use it in case of connection issues.

- Device info detection revised
- EMI processing for legacy hardware (f.e. MT6580) revised
- EMI database rebuilded
- Meizu operations revised
- New feature: BROM On|Off - allow enable BROM mode and allow do extended services such as:
All FireFly Features: Boot unlock, testing, service etc.
All FireFly DA features: Boot unlock, RPMB, service and other
- Display partition/image size during flash Read/Write
- Device information parser updated
- DA selection mode revised
- DA information/hints displayed on selection for number of loaders
- DA config database updated
- Red|Orange state methods revised
- Incompatible image confirmation during Flash fixed
- Simlock methods output updated
- Format methods output updated
- Infinix and Tecno without testpoint|disassembly for MT6739, MT6761, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6781, MT6785, MT6833, MT6877, MT6893
- Internal changes - memory management and more

- Bulk Read/Write operations updated: selection and Read/Write path sync
- Read/Write file path handling method on file select/cancel revised
- Messages & errors|hints updated

- Backup restore process updated with any record On|Off selection
- Select All/None items by right mouse click

User Interface:
- Startup window position config revised
- Software messages & hints updated

Dongle firmware version required: 0155

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2023-05-10 Infinity #CM2MT2 Helper tool v1.03

- preloader file|partition parser/converter updated
- account/balance check
- minor gui changes
- internal changes related to memory management

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2023-04-23 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.21 with updated loaders

Benco, Blu, Condor, Hisense, Hotwav, Infinix, iTel, Lanix, Lava, Lenovo, Micromax, Motorola, Safaricom, Smooth, Symphony, Tecno

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2023-04-22 Infinity Android Service Tool #AST v1.05

- ADB protocol management revised
- Update checker
- Minor gui changes
- Internal improvements
- Applications lists updated

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2023-04-20 Infinity #CM2MT2 v2.43

WARNING: Possible issue found during Flash with incompatible image.
If you will see question DEVICE <-> FIRMWARE PartTable missmatch! Continue may destroy device security! and you want to stop process - DISCONNECT CABLE due to in some cases software may continue even if you click to No

- Device/Firmware detection method updated
- Boot process flow slightly changed
- Boot/Shutdown process updated
- Partition table analyzer rebuilded (primary/secondary)
- Service operations updated - red/orange state and bootloader unlock
- Bootloader lock/unlock process flow updated
- Service Report revised
- FileSystem type output revised
- Device handling Strategy type output revised
- scat load & emi management for "flash write" revised
- MemoryTool operations revised and bugs with menu selection fixed
- Security values processing updated
- META mode output revised
- Preloader parser revised
- EMI handling for legacy devices fixed
- Internal changes - memory management and more

User Interface:
- FLASH/META mode selection changed
- DA Protocol selection changed
- Software messages & hints updated

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2023-04-18 Infinity Android Service Tool #AST v1.04

- Connection methods updated for ADB and Fastboot
- Latest dll's included in package
- Log engine updated
- Stop/Logs/Snap buttons
- gui updated
- user interface save/restore options
- aplication list save on Identify
- Device messages output method revised
- Hints and error messages updated
- "Uninstall Apps" for batch processing by apk list loaded from text file
- "Pixel" bypass method
- Many internal changes

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2023-04-15 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.20 with updated loaders

Ace, Blu, Digma, Fly, Gionee, Hisense, Incar, Infinix, Irbis, iTel, Just5, Lava, Lanix, Lenovo, Maximus, Mobicel, Realme, Smooth, Symphony, Tecno, Tigo, Vankyo, ZTE

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2023-04-12 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.19 with updated loaders

Blu, Condor, Disko, Hisense, Huawei, Infinix, iTel, Lenovo, Mobicel, Realme, Reeder, Safaricom, Samsung, Symphony, Tecno, Vodafone, ZTE

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2023-04-10 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.09

- pac file parser/analyzer updated
- minor gui changes
- internal changes related to memory management

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2023-04-08 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.18 with updated loaders

AndroidP, BQ, g-tab, Hisense, Huawei, Infinix, Irbis, iTel, Jio, Lava, Mobicel, Motorola, QMobile, Realme, Samsung, Symphony, Walton, ZTE

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2023-03-30 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.08

[*] diag mode connection revised
[*] pac file analyzer updated
[+] direct account/balance check

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2023-03-26 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.07

[+] pac file analyzer updated - more info extracted from image

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2023-03-21 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.06

[+] pac file analyzer
[*] diag mode connection updated

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2023-03-14 Infinity #CM2MT2 Helper tool v1.01

- ofp file to scat parser/converter
- preloader file|partition parser/converter updated

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2023-03-08 Infinity #CM2MTK v1.58a

- installer engine updated
- boot-pack included to installer

If you have CM2MTK v1.58 + Supplementary Boot Pack for v1.58 already installed you DO NOT need to download/install 1.58a

2023-03-06 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.17 with updated loaders

Mango, Motorola, Prestigio, QMobile, Realme

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2023-03-03 DongleManager v1.93

[+] Subscription date check
[+] libeay32.dll & libssl32.dll startup check
[*] Minor UI changes

2023-02-18 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.16 with updated loaders

Dexp, iTel, Infinix

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2023-02-13 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.42

- Maintenance release
- Memory management improved
- Many internal changes
- Boot time flow process updated
- Boot time error handling improved

User Interface:
- flash chip info output revised
- software messages & hints updated

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2023-02-12 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.41

- FireFly core loader updated: /XFireFly/base/FireFly_AllInOne_DA.bin
- FireFly mode operations updated such as bootloader unlock etc.
- Many internal changes

Image management:
- Preloader parser/converter updated
- Preloader/EMI open dialog updated for bin/img files
- DA, Cert, Auth, Preloader load/verification method updated

User Interface:
- log management engine updated
- software messages revised

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2023-02-09 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.05

Use it in case of DIAG/SVC mode failure with latest SPD|UNISOC devices and for Wipe, User Data and Security Code Reset
[+] Connection protocol updated
[+] Minor User Interface changes with Snap|Screenshot button and log files easy access

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2023-01-30 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.40

FireFly : Protocol updated
FireFly : Activated new operations
1. Firmware Read
2. Firmware Write
3. MemoryTool : EXTCSD Read
4. MemoryTool : EXTCSD Write

Smart Reset updated: New types supported
Smart Reset updated: Android 13 specific changes

Firmware reader:
Firmware Read activated in FireFly mode
Android 13 support improved [under test]

Firmware flasher:
Flasher Engine updated : [LUCI], [RAPH] and [LEGACY] protocols updated
Firmware Flashing activated in FireFly mode

Identify : Now read active system info if device belong to AB
BootLoader: Unlock/Lock revised in FireFly and MTK mode

New Operation : EXTCSD read - Allow read EXTCSD config from eMMC. Made default at boot also
New Operation : EXTCSD write - Allow write EXTCSD config in eMMC
Both operations supported only in FireFly mode for now!

The Rest:
Loaders updated
Previous versions of loaders partially moved to CM2MT2 boot-pack
CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.40 or newer should be installed to get latest loaders
Log output management updated
BugFixes and minor updates

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2023-01-28 Infinity #CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.40 with updated loaders

Loaders & structure updated

[+] Condor
[+] Dlight
[+] Xiaomi/Redmi-9c/ linked to base-2112 + preloader file from /Redmi-9/
[+] Xiaomi/Redmi-9a/ updated with preloader file from /Redmi-9/
[+] legacy loaders moved to /0_rare/
[+] /0_base/v17xx/ moved to boot-pack
[+] /0_base/v18xx/ moved to boot-pack
[+] /0_base/v19xx/ moved to boot-pack
[+] /0_base/v20xx/ moved to boot-pack

CM2MT2 v2.39 and higher should be used with the next loaders:
[+] Infinix/Infinix-G99-General/
[+] Infinix/Dimensity-9000/
[+] Infinix/X676B/
[+] Tecno/Tecno-G99-General/
[+] Tecno/Dimensity-9000/
[+] Tecno/Phantom-X2-X2Pro/
[+] /0_generic/ loaders for latest MT6781/MT6789/MT6983 are inside sw installer

Latest boot-pack release has all previous boot-packs included, it means you should only install latest one to get all loaders

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2023-01-23 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.04

Use it in case of DIAG/SVC mode failure with latest SPD devices and for Wipe, User Data and Security Code Reset

[+] several types of devices handling improved

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2023-01-10 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.03

Use it in case of DIAG/SVC mode failure with latest SPD devices and for Wipe, User Data and Security Code Reset

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2022-12-25 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.39 - MT6789 [Helio G99] and more

Loaders updated:
/boot/0_generic/MT6781_Generic [LUCI]
/boot/0_generic/MT6789_Generic [LUCI]

New protocol supported: [LUCI] - MT6781, MT6789, MT6895, MT6983 etc.
SecurityRepair : Generic lines support for latest phones in both FLASH and META mode
FormatFS : SmartReset, SmartResetExtra - include reset settings, frp, privacy etc.
FirmwareReading : Factory-like, complete, safe firmware, compatible with MT2 and SPFT too
FirmwareFlashing : Correct, safe, factory and read firmware flashing support
Service : Service operations supported : Identify, NVRAM operations, MemoryTool, HW Info etc.

Smart Reset updated: New types supported
Smart Reset updated: Android 11-12 specific changes
Smart Reset updated: A/B devices specific changes

Firmware reader:
NEXTGEN [LUCI] phones line support
Factory-like firmware reading now supported [LUCI]
XML-scatter generation now supported [LUCI]
Android 13 support activated [under test]
Android 12 support improved
Android 10-11 support rebuild
AB devices support complete rebuild. All known formats supported.
More accurate detection of vendor-specific partitions and handling
Escape from OTA issues and other startup faults etc. on some phones

Scatter creation for latest devices revised, more chip-depend versions now supported

Firmware flasher:
NEXTGEN phones line support [LUCI]
Factory and Read firmware flashing now supported [LUCI]
XML scatter, TXT scatter and flash.xml can be used as FlashFile input

Identify : Now read active system info if device belong to AB
BootLoader: Unlock and Lock as separate buttons now
BootLoader: Unlock in FireFly mode for LEGACY phones has been fixed
BootLoader: Unlock in FireFly mode for some of RAPHAEL phones has been fixed
MemoryTool: LUCI support, compatibility improvements

The Rest:
- Loaders storage structure updated
[built-in] /boot/0_base/X_FireFly/ => /boot/XFireFly/base/
[boot-pack] /boot/0_base/MT6570_*/ => /boot/0_rare/MT6570_*/
[boot-pack] /boot/0_base/MT6771/ => /boot/Vivo/MT6771/
- Loaders package updated
[built-in] /boot/0_base/base_v2216/
- Bases and Models list sort order revised
- Firmware version parser revised
- Error messages and usage hints updated
- eMMC EOL status hints updated
- Update checker revised

Dongle firmware version required: 0154

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2022-12-24 Infinity #CM2SP2 Diag Helper tool v1.02

Use it in case of DIAG/SVC mode failure with latest SPD devices

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2022-12-14 Infinity Platform Detector Tool #PDT v1.02

Easy and fast SoC type detection and software selection f.e. MTK/SPD/RDA/RKT/LGS etc.

[*] detection algo updated
[*] devices list updated
[*] applications list updated
[*] gui changes
[*] updates checker

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2022-12-07 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.38 - general improvements and fixes

In some cases CM2MT2 v2.38c8 may gives an issue: software questions may be answered Yes by default without waiting for your answer.
Please download and install CM2MT2 v2.38d1

!!! WARNING !!!
Backup files storage structure changed, files and folders will be compressed.
Software will convert files and folders at first run!
If you have important data - make /backup/ folder copy for emergency case!
Process may takes time, BE PATIENT!

- Startup process revised
- Backup files are packed, zip and 7z formats are supported (7z.dll is required)
- Backup files default format is 7z
- Backup|Restore partitions list updated
- Backup overwrite request for "Identify" only, skip existing backup replacement for other operations
- Partition size verification during backup
- File content verification (zeroes) during backup creation
- File content verification (zeroes) during backup restore
- Display hw|sw info to log during backup file selection
- Restore backup images with .bin and .img extensions
- Legacy settings values removed
- MemTool work path save|restore
- MemTool window position save|restore
- MemTool ui changes
- Log window style customization
- HW Report behaviour changed depends on selected Platform
- Cloud: display hw|sw info about last connected device
- Cloud: get previously stored backup file
- Flash chip vendors list updated
- ufs parser revised
- emmc parser revised
- emmc failure detection improved
- nand parser revised
- Firmware read/write last selected path save|restore
- scatter file creation process rebuilded
- scatter file load process revised
- META mode connection method revised
- META mode info and device version output revised
- META mode memory leak fixed
- Check free disk space on startup
- Check free disk space on Flash Read
- Flash Read file selection method updated
- Flash Read process termination revised
- Backup before Reset in META mode
- Backup before Reset in Flash mode
- extcsd backup file content verification
- PMT (partition table) info output slightly changed
- PMT (partition table) info included to device.txt during backup
- Store device.txt with hardware and software info to backup
- Store device.txt with hardware and software info to firmware
- Store device.txt file as ini
- Store loaders config to device.txt file
- Verify backup presence before process
- Error messages and software hints updated
- More software hints for [Format] operations
- More messages in log about process flow
- [SMART RESET EXTRA] error handling revised to recover after error
- Create Screenshot [Snap] as .png instead of .bmp (quite compact)
- Device brand|model detection revised
- Updates checker rebuilded
- External update checker disabled
- External firmware uploader enabled
- [Stop] process revised
- Customs Settings -> EMI button extract prevoader from partition image on load
- MemTool selection mode for 128 Mb and 256 Mb in list
- MemTool file selection revised
- MemTool operations revised
- [Flash] page minor ui changes
- [Security] page minor ui changes
- [NVRAM Read] operation revised
- [NVRAM Write] operation revised
- NVRAM backup file format changed
- [Restore Backup] operation allow to select backup file
- [Restore Backup] has new restore mode [+preloader]
- Check free disk space before backup
- settings.ini new value [where] backup=backup\
- settings.ini new value [where] boot=boot\
- settings.ini new value [where] tools=..\tools\
- settings.ini new value [where] firmware=firmware\
- SC engine revised
- Files verification config option in [Settings] page
- Files verification for nvram backup enabled
- Memory management engine revised
- [KG] moved to [Misc] section
- Dialogs texts revised. Message text will be visible in log window on selection
- Minor log text messages and ui changes
- Check required dll's on startup
- ssleay32.dll included to installer to improve compatibility
- 7z.dll included to installer
- /tools/iosFileUploader included to installer

Dongle firmware version required: 0153

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2022-12-05 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot-pack v1.15 with updated loaders

ATouch, BQ, CallTouch, Dexp, Eager, iHunt, InnJoo, Invens, LiteTel, LYF-Jio, MyPhone, Realme, Samsung, Smart

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