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2022-12-05 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.15 released with updated loaders

[+] ATouch
[+] BQ
[+] CallTouch
[+] Dexp
[+] Eager
[+] iHunt
[+] InnJoo
[+] Invens
[+] LiteTel
[+] LYF-Jio
[+] MyPhone
[+] Realme
[+] Samsung
[+] Smart

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2022-11-01 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.14 released with updated loaders

[+] Colors
[+] Hotwav
[+] Mint
[+] Mobicel
[+] Strawberry

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2022-10-17 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.13 released with updated loaders

[+] BQ
[+] Digma
[+] Fly
[+] Haier
[+] Inoi
[+] Irbis
[+] iTel
[+] Prestigio
[+] ZTE

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2022-10-11 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.12 released with updated loaders

[+] Huawei
[+] /boot-fdl/ has FDL loaders:
- Blackview
- Blu
- BMobile
- Infinix
- iTel
- Lenovo
- Maxwest
- Realme
- Tecno
- Yezz

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2022-10-07 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.37 - general improvements and fixes [Firmware v0153]

- "Restore Backup" config mode updated
- "Restore Backup" allow to select files manually
- Flash file (Scatter) Open|Select|Clean buttons at "Flash" page
- Flash file (Scatter) parser updated
- Flash file (Scatter) selection issue fixes
- MemoryTool file selection issue fixes
- MemoryTool gui minor changes
- "Switch to HS USB" option removed
- Config storage engine updated
- Account Check gives balance and subscription date
- "PMT Info" config value stored
- "Flash" page minor gui changes
- Loaders remote verification revised
- Installer updated to manage previously installed boot-pack
- Required Dongle firmware version: 0153

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2022-10-04 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.36 - general improvements and fixes [Firmware v0153]

- SmartInfo parser output revised
- NVRAM parser output revised
- Firmware remote verification enabled
- Device remote verification enabled
- Preloader parser revised and fixed
- Peloader remote verification enabled
- "KG State" moved to Service page
- "Help" menu
- View log files by right mouse click on message window
- View log files via "File" menu
- "Logs" button at main window to view log files
- "Snap" button at main window to make screenshot
- "Stop" button at main window
- Verification for preloader|da|firmware integrity
- Show current settings at operation start
- Show "Local SLA" state at operation start
- Show "Flash Write" settings at operation start
- "HW Report" mode selection changed
- "Check Account" button at "Settings" page to verify Username and Password validity
- Loaders remote verification enabled
- Show loaders information at boot time
- Memory chip life-state warnings updated
- "Stop" item removed from the top menu
- Boot stage loader files information revised
- "GUI Mode" item removed from the top menu and moved to "View" button
- "Memory Tool" moved to "Service" page
- "Make Service Report" moved to "Service" page
- "Settings" -> "Firefy : EMI" menu item moved to "FireFly : AutoEMI" at "Settings" page
- "GUI mode" save/restore on startup
- "Change GUI mode" via "Settings" menu
- HW Compatibility Wizard enabled
- Server Hints engine enabled
- "PMT Info" option at "Platform" page display Partition Info during "Identify"
- "Save Boot Config" option at "Platform" page to store detected model config to models list
- Required Dongle firmware version: 0153

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2022-09-20 Infinity #CM2MT2 boot pack v2.35 released with updated loaders

Loaders updated & structure improved

[+] MT6771 experimantal loader [0_base]

Every new boot-pack release has all previous boot-packs included, it means you should only install latest one to get all loaders

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2022-09-11 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.11 released with updated loaders

[+] Ais
[+] BQ
[+] Expert
[+] FinePower
[+] Ginzzu
[+] Micromax
[+] Oysters
[+] Philips
[+] Stark
[+] teXet
[+] Vertex

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2022-08-30 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 #CM2MT2 v2.35 - general improvements and fixes [Firmware v0153]

[*] Internal changes and fixes for protocols applied
[*] Internal changes and fixes for flasher applied
[*] Internal changes and fixes for preloader parser applied
[*] Preloader database handling updated
[*] Preloader database remote verification enabled by default
[*] Log engine updated: log files created for each session and stored to /log/ directory
[*] Deep Info parser enabled by default
[*] User Interface updated
[*] Product-specific Loader [DA] files moved to CM2MT2-boot-pack
[*] Required Dongle firmware version: 0153

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2022-08-16 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.10 released with updated loaders

[+] G-Touch
[+] Hotwav
[+] Infinix
[+] Mito
[+] Mobicel
[+] QC-QcTech
[+] Realme
[+] Symphony
[+] Stylus
[+] ZTE

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2022-06-27 Infinity Data Explorer v1.12 - MTK, SPD updated and more improvements [Firmware v0100]

Data extraction based on full reconstruction of file system

- MTK firmware structure detection improved
- SPD firmware structure detection improved
- Minor bugs fixed

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2022-06-19 Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.09 released with updated loaders

[+] Condor
[+] HiSense
[+] Kiowa
[+] Lava
[+] Micromax
[+] Stylo

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