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  As the name suggests Infinity-Box is your key to the infinite opportunties that the mobile phone software busienss has to offer in the future. With the rapid growth of Mobile Phone business and new models coming up almost every week your business needs a tool to stay upto date with the market demand. We at Infinity-Box strive to give you that key advantage over your competitors. We are in this business since year 2005 and we are here to make big and serious work.

  Infinity-Box project is supported by very expirenced programers working in this field for along time furthermore with a very strong financial backing we have heavily invested to make the best use of current technology.

See Software Test Reports browse Support Area with firmware and nvram files and read Manuals with Software Screenshots

Supported models - Infinity Box/Dongle [CM2]

2E: F534L
2Look: FabioE mz706
A-Bell: Atom S1
A-ZED: Z62
Accent: Cameleon C5+, Cameleon C5+, Cameleon C6, FAST73G, Nubia 50K
Accord: A19
Ace: AF0218, Buzz 2, Buzz 2 Plus, Buzz 3, Clever 1 AS0618, H1, M12, Suzuka, Urban 1, Urban 1810, Z9, Zip 1 Mini, Zip 2 Mini, Zip 2 Plus
Ace-Mobile: M12
AceLite: L3
Acer: A3 A40, Liquid E380, Liquid Z200, Liquid Z530, S55, Z150, Z160, Z200, Z2500, Z500, Z530
Advan: I5C, S35D, S45M, S4K, S7A, T1G
Afone: H880
AG: Spark
Agtel: 005, 5130, Leader
Aidata: ADT1061
Aiko: 17G, 51G, 52G, 70w, 78G, 97G
Aino: F69, F89
Aio: N97
Airam: M342
Aircel: 311, 411, 422, 466, G240, G301
AirFone: AF111
Airgold: V220
Airmax: A14
Airness: Air99, MK99, Slide99
Airphone: N4, No4
Airtel: Avvio G200, Cordless FGD8900, FGD9000, Pacetel Cordless L900, Telular
Aitel: IT2020
Ajanta: A1800, A1900, A2100, A3000, A4200, A5000, A52, Quartz
AK-Mobile: AK760i, AK900
Aktiv: A120
Alcatel-TCL: 090, 1 5033G, 1016g, 103A, 103X, 104, 105A, 105X, 1060x, 106X, 108X, 109, 112, 113, 140X, 150, 1801, 1C 5003D, 1C 5003D, 1S 2019, 1S 5024D, 1SE 5030A, 1SE 5030M, 1T 8068, 1V, 2003g, 203A, 203E, 203X, 2040G, 204X, 205, 206X, 208A, 208X, 209A, 209X, 213X, 214, 216X, 217D, 221A, 221X, 222A, 222X, 223, 228, 250, 252, 255A, 255DX, 255X, 280X, 282, 292, 296, 297, 300X, 301X, 303A, 303X, 304A, 304X, 305A, 305X, 306A, 306X, 3088X, 3088X 4G, 310A, 310X, 311X, 315M, 322, 352X, 355A, 355DA, 355DX, 355X, 356, 358, 360A, 361, 362, 363A, 363X, 380X, 383A, 383X, 385, 385J, 3X 5048Y 2019, 4007X, 4009s Pixi3 3.5, 4010A, 4010D, 4010E, 4013D, 4013x, 4015D, 4015X, 4027x, 4033x, 4034E, 4060a, 455, 5001A, 5001u, 5035D, 5045x, 5051d, 505K, 505X, 506, 5080x, 508A, 540, 543X, 565K, 565X, 585, 600A, 600X, 6012E, 602, 606, 6102D, 660A, 660X, 665, 668, 7040A, 7042D, 706A, 706X, 708A, 708X, 710, 710D, 710K, 7110, 799, 800, 802, 802Y, 803, 806, 807, 808, 808M, 809, 813, 813F, 818, 819, 828, 880, 888, 900, 9009G, 901, 9010X, 9022X pixi384g, 905, 907, A3A Lite 5052Y, A626BL, AM01, B331, C700A, C700X, C701A, C701X, C707X, C717A, C717X, C820A, C825A, C825X, Crystal, E100x, E101, E15x_16x_25x, E201, E205, E207, E221, E227, E230x, EL09X, Elle EL09X, Elle N3A, Elle N3X, F101, F115, F117, F121X, F122X, F123, F152, F153, F330X, F331, F344, GlamPhone EL05A, I606, I650A, I650X, I780, I808, I818, I888, I898, I905, KR01X, Lava, M3G, Mandarina Duck MD01X, Mandarina Duck MD02X, Miss Sixty, One-Touch Pixi 3-3.5 OT-4009, OT Ideal 4060A, OT Pixi4 6 4G 9001X, OT-1051D, OT-1060D, OT-1060X, OT-1062, OT-1063, OT-2040D, OT-316A, OT-316D, OT-316S, OT-4009X, OT-4010, OT-4013x, OT-4015X, OT-5010x, OT-5020t, OT-5022X, OT-6012A, OT-6012X, OT-7047E, OT-918, OT-PIXI4, OT152, Pixi 4 4034D, Pixi 4 8063, Pixi4 6 4G, POP4 5051X, S100, S107, S120, S121, S122, S210, S211, S215A, S215X, S218X, S319A, S319X, S320X, S321A, S321X, S520A, S520X, S521A, S521X, S621A, S621X, S626A, S626X, S680, T208, T255, T268, T355X, T66, Tab TCL 8082, TCL 5001A, V155, V212, V212C, V221A, V221X, V222A, V222X, V270, V345, V350, V555, V570A, V570X, V607A, V670A, V670X, V770A, V770X, VM575, Vodafone Smart Tab N8 VFD1300
Alfatel: C500, H1, H1A, H1i, H2, H3, H300, H4, H5A, H9
Allview: A6 Duo, M1, M1 Fusion, S2 Guld, T1
Alps: P9600 P2000+
Altice: S11, S43, S60
Altrec: C200
Ama: P1
Amani-Mobile: A20
Amgo: 410
Amicroe: Touch TAB Force
Amplicom: M6000
Amstrad: S288
Amycool: D66+
Angela: GTX85MV
Anino: Unmy 3G Vegas
Anoking: 3060, M9, X202
Anycall: 1689, 2619, D900, F488E, i718, i738, i908, i908e, L708, S628
Anycat: SGH-I900
Anycoll: L588
Anycool: 007, 629, 6300, 7310, A508, CG668+, D1200, D1210, D3000, D38, D528, D6000, D66, D66+, D68, F1000, F58, F69, F818, F888+, F999, GC668, GC778, i908, i908e, i929, i939, K88, Kingbond KDI D528, N101, N86, T55, T618, T618+, T619, T628, T648, T718, T728, T808, T808 TV Phone, T818, T828, T838, TV 99i, TV188, V168, V520, V7000, V777, V866, V868, V9, V9+, V9000, YX51
Anylink: 6500, N99i
Anyoall: 908i, SGH-908i
Aobang: A880
AOTE: 660, 908, 918, 928, F9+, M660
APhone: DT 10
Apole: IP9300
Appo: A300, A8, X777
ARA: A818
Archos: 50 Platinum 4G, 55 Helium, 5B Titanium, 70c, A50C, Access 45 4G, Junior 01
ArcMobile: TV 550D
Arise: AR52
ARK: Benefit M3S
Aroma: D333
Arsala: 6730
Arte: 8600e
Artee: RT501
Ashna: Z600
AshnaMobile: I30
Asiafone: AF V11, AF23, AF501, AF502
Astro: A177, A32, Ibho T, Mercury
Asus: J202, J206, J208, V66, V75, V80, X008, X008D, X008DA, X008DA, Z012D, Zenfone 4 Max X00KD, Zenfone Go Z00VD, Zenfone Max M2 X01BD, Zenfone Max Z010D Brush
AT&T: Maestro Max EA1002
AT-Telecom: Hi-Messenger
Atan: M760, M760 Music Phone
Atlastab: A909
Atouch: A7+, S04 YK706
Attila: Mate 10 Pro, Mate Pro, Mini, Z6
Audiovox: GPRS748, GSM609
Aura: S902, S908
Auro: 6321
Austar: F455+
AUX-Mobile: M780, M855, M868, Z33
Avio: 101, 102, 201, 203, 204, 205, 301, 403, A306, A6103, S505
Avion: A10 Pro
Avivo: 1950g, 1960g
Avvio: 103A, 203A, 209, 251, 410, 505, 530A, 768, 775, 778, 792, 795, 930A, G200, GD851p, GD852p, SN50, SN70, T519
Awang: A828, A929
Azumi: A1, A45D, F1, Kirei A4-D, L1N, L4K, Q503, S101
B-Fly: 225+, 6S+, B4, B768, Grand2, Mini, Nirvana, Note 3, S5 Mini, Z10+
Bacha: ZMC888
Baizhao: S320i, S600, S8958, TV488
Bak: BK MP77, BK MT77, MP605
Bao-Xing: F692+, N1000, N200
BaoXing: N1000, N200
Baravo: Z25
Barbie: P520
Basicom: M-Star, V9
Bassoon: Tab X2 2.1
Bavapen: 104e
BBC: i508
BBK: i2288, i399, K202, K300, K322, S201, S202
BBR: 8820+
Bee: 703G01D
Beeline: A100, A103, B2011A, B2011T, G3610, Pro, Pro 2, R221, Smart 3, Smart 4, Tab Pro
Beetel: EC003, EC005
Bellwave: N77
Beneve: M7152
BenQ: C36
BenQ-Siemens: A38, A500, A53, C30, C71A, CF51, CF61, CL71, E52, E61, EF51, EF61, EF71, M100, M220, M300, M305, M315, M350, M580, S660C, S700, S80, S81, S82, S88, SFG75, T33, T51, T66, Z2
Bentel: EV530
Bess: SP500, SP770, VZ210, VZ219, VZ480
Best: D2000, D2000+, D3000+, D3800+
BestBuy: Easy Phone 5.5 Easy
Bestel: 6000+, D5000, D5000+, D6000, N95
Bestking: A2688
Bestone: KA08+
Betels: 6000+
Beyond: B111, B333, B38, B505, B510, B515, B530 SL71, B555, B600, B818, B83, B868, BY125, BY400, C3
Billow: S51HD
Bilwani: B2, M55, X300
Bird: D515A, D611, D612, D615, D630, D650, D660, D670, D706, D716, D720, D730, D736, D760, F200, F300, F501A, F518, F527, K102, K298, S1120, S1180C, S1186, S160a, S198, S199, S230, S288, S299, S301, S302, S305, S306, S320, S570, S688, S699, S701, S710, S788, V09, V10, V5518+, V620, V708, V750, V788, V789, X6
Bitmore: Tab
Bizhao: S8978, TV488
BK: 9888i, MP605, MP725, MP728
BKL: 728
BL: K599
BlackCherry: BL7000B, BL8000
BlackFox: B4, B4 BMM543D
Blacklable: VVV363
BlackView: A60, A70, A80, BV4900 Pro, BV5800, E7S, S8, Tab 8
Blackzone: XR 4g
Blade: Q-Mini
Blaupunkt: SL-04, SM01
Bleck: Clever7
Bleu: 151x, 245x, 251s, 251x, 253x, 255x, 351x, 354x, 355x, 450z, 453x, 454x, 456x, 466x, 471x, 476x, 550x, 551x, 555x, 651x, 651Z, 670x, 670z
Bleutooth: N82i
Bliss: D108, D208, V98
Bloom: Globe 4.0-PL, Globe 4.5, S225
Blu: A110U, Advance 4.0 A270a, Advance 4.0M, Advance A5, Aria II, C4, C5 C014, C5 Plus, D102, Dash D140K, Dash JR-K, Dash JR-TV D140T, Energy X Plus 2, G50 Mega, G60, Grand M2, Jenny J050, Jenny TV-2.8, Life Play 2, Q200, R2 LTE, Studio 5.0, Studio 5.0 C Mini, Studio 5.0 II D532u, Studio View 2019, STUDIO_SELFIE, T200 Deejay, T210, T300, Tank II T192, Z230L, Z3, Z5 Z211, Zoey T166
Blue: Vivo 5 Mini
Blueberry: B1, S111
Bluetooth: 2008, 2009, 2600, 2640, 337, 339, 349, 526, 536, 588, 588+, 589, 626, 6500s, 6688, 6888, 6889, 808, 868, 888, 8928, 900, 900+, 911, 912, 998, 999, A20P, A5, A5688, B889, C800, C8000, C8800, C905, C92, C98, D18, E588, E70, E78, G366, G368, i738, JD2008, K320, K328, K400, K440, K799, KN D9, L800, L831, L832, LV918, N77, N77S, N78, N79, N79C, N82, N83, N8600, N91, N95, N958, N97, N98, N98+, N99i TV, PDA, S30, Slim, TC 168, V168, V21, V55, V555, V648, W726, Y138, Y139, Y690, ZH898, ZT588
Bluewave: WV8R-M
BMobile: AX1065, AX1077+, AX1078, AX535, AX540, C612, C628, K106, K298, LQ310, S168, S750, TV9, X131
Bocoin: 302, B205
Bold: T5, T5+
Bolo: C62, C68
Bolt: T5 Plus T0060TT 2sim, T5 Plus T0070TT 1sim, T5 T0040TT, T5 T0050TT 2sim
Bonmi: F430
Bontel: L400
Boostwer: E66
Bossh: B70, D112, D96M
Bost-Mobile: D615
BPL-Mobile: COLT027
BQ: 2432, 2800G, 4028, 5010G Spot, 5301 Strike View, 5514G, 6035L, 7098G, Aquaris X Pro, E2, N2
BQS: 3510
Brandt: B-Prime S
Bravis: A511
Brondi: Night Star
BSNL: EC005, G200CF, Penta IS701D, Penta P033, Penta P07 Tab
Bugatti: 164
Bulbo: X-Pro
Buss: G618
BX: 5800, A300, N1000, N1000+, N5000
BY: K8802
BY2: 6600, M55, S102, S303
Byond: BY 888, BY027, BY999, Nano+
Bytone: T3
C-Idea: CM1000, CM455, CM488
C-Right: L2000
Cagabi: One
CallMe: 105, C17, C18, C331, C700, E1000, Y854
Calltouch: C468, Tab 706
Calme: C12, C2, C22, C251, C252, C340, C345, C700, C88, CL200, D70, S12, S20, Spark S10, Spark S11, Spark S22, Spark S33, X2-02, X200
Calsen: 7322, D500
Camry: V138
Candi: Blaze
Capitel: P600
Car-Mobile: KU6 BMW
Caravan: S9300
Carbon: 8800e
Carrefour: CT820
Carries: M99
Cartier: V8
Casper: A1-1, Via A1
Cat: Qtek9090, S41
Cavio: ZT618, ZTF1
CayenneS: Z9
cCanon: IXY8000
CCK: 10, E71
CCM: T9500
Cect: 003, 1088, 1280SM, 199, 2000, 24560, 318, 3360, 505, 5708, 599, 6300i, 6300L, 6300R, 6600, 668, 688C, 688i, 689C, 689i, 760, 761, 7708, 808, 8100, 8110+, 838+, 8380, 8380 PDA, 8380 TV-OUT, 858, 860, 8800, 8808, 8808 Vertu, 888, 888+, 9898, 9988, A008, A100 TV, A1600, A1800, A1818, A2000, A520, A606, A666, A6668, A8+, A800, A850i, B8, C1000, C1000i, C2000, C2000D, C3000, C3000c, C5000, C5188, C600, C6111, C800, C8000, C8200, C8220, C827, C828, C829, C8400, C8600, C92+, C9900, D120, D122, D240, D242, D900, E591, E65, E65C, E65i, E680, E680i, E808, E818, E900, E920, E921, Edalee, F1200, F16, F22, G928, GP9000, H6628, I530, i658, i70, IM 306, K2, K300, K300+, K328, K630, K770, K7800, K808, K818, K828, K838, K838+, K86, K915+, KG98, L2000+, L2200+, LM398, LT X3, LV918, M1818, M1818 PDA, M520, M530, M619, M660, M8, M800, M8600, M901, N1000, N168, N180, N1818, N518, N528, N529, N537, N538, N548, N568, N618, N618+, N618c, N6298, N6500, N6500+, N73, N73-1, N73i, N788, N81, N81+, N81c, N82, N84, N85, N87, N95, N95 PDA, N98, N989, N99+, O2R, P168, P30, P3711, P3711i, P3714, P3715, P603, P8100, P8100+, P8300, P8400, P9100, Q300, Q300A, Q300C, Q302, Q306, Q380, Q500, Q500 2sim, Q500BT, Q558, Q600, Q610, Q618, Q618 2sim PDA, Q638, Q800, Q86, S500, S500 O2S, S500 PDA, S500 PDA 02Mini 3D-S, S500 PDA 02Mini 3D-Sound, S510, S560, S560 MPEG5, S567, S580, S588, S698, S800, S800+, S90, ST500, T1, T100, T410, T520, T590, T6688+, T678, T68, T688, T688 PDA, T688i, T688i 2sim, T689, T718, T830, T888, T88i, T910, T918 WatchPhone, T999, T999+, TV60, U880, U8800, U8810, U90, U92, V180, V200, V23, V23i, V3, V329, V4, V400, V480, V490, V5, V6, V60, V60+, V61, V658D, V668, V6688, V668B, V68, V69, V7, V70, V777, V788, V8, V8008, V9, V90, V909, V919, V92, V929, V939, V98, X768, X768 GSM-CDMA, Y200, Y690, Y767, Y809, ZP-S560, ZT-V8
Celkon: A10, A15K, A297, A354c, A359, A40, C342, c349+, C349Star, C54, C7, C7040, C7405, Cliq, CT711, Diamond Pro, Diamond Ufeel 4G, K9, Q519+
CellOne: CX900
Century: Piooner B889+
Cert: V400
Cesim: A35, A510, A9530, CG400, N88, N97, TV333, V130, V30, V310, V470, V480, V580, V590, V700, V709, V800, V800i
Changhong: A330, K218, K3, L128M, L138, M838
ChangJiang: A968, N8+
Changxing: A868, A868+
ChatPhone: QS150, QS200
Cherry: C50, Mobile Flare S5 Mini, Q3i
Cherry-Mobile: Aqua S9, Cosmo One, D10, D13tv, D15, D20, D25tv, D28TV, D9, Q61, Q9TV, Spin, T19, U2, W7, W8i, X300
CherryMobile: Flare J3 Lite, Flare J3S, Flare S4 Max, Flare S7 Lite, Flare XL Plus, Omega Lite 2, Omega Lite 3, Q4 Duo, Spin
Childrens-Phone: PQ12
Chili: B03
Chilli: B02, B03, B07, F02
Chillo: S01
ChinaStar: C507, S350
ChinaTab: CallTouch, Eurostar, LG0575, Redot
Chinese-Blackberry: 8310a, 8520, 8900, 9000, 9000+, 9500, 9630, 9700, Bold 9700, Mini 9000c, T901, W9630 WiFi, W9700 WiFi
Chinese-HTC: 6262, Android G1 TV90, Diam100, P3700
Chinese-iPhone: 168, 188, 189, A1203, A38, A380, A39, A58, A6, A6+, A7+, A8+, A88, A88+, A888, A9, C8000, ES350, ES358, i9, i98+, KA08, LH01, N500, N5000, N5005, N5100, N5200, N5500, P168, P168+, TV 3G, TV 4G, V188, W888i
Chinese-iPod: A380
Chinese-LG: KV700
Chinese-Motorola: 400, 608, A1200, A606, K1, L7+, V230, V3, V33, V333, V336, V666
Chinese-Nec: 1000i, N150, N158, N880, N880i, N99
Chinese-Nokia: 1110i, 1111, 1112, 1112i, 1200, 1600, 1650, 3230, 3230C, 3250, 3280, 3680, 5200, 5220, 5300, 5300i, 5310, 5310 NMM-3, 5310XM, 5320XM, 5330, 5331, 5332, 5610, 5610D, 5610D-1, 5700, 5700+, 5710, 5720, 5800, 5800d, 6110, 6118, 6120, 6120+, 6120C, 6120i, 6128, 6131i, 6200, 6233i, 6275, 6276, 6280, 6280i, 6288, 6288 PDA, 6300, 6300 Q7, 6300 Q7+, 6300 RM-217, 6300C, 6300i, 6300r, 6300y, 6500, 6500+, 6500c, 6500s, 6600s, 6621, 6680, 6681, 6700i, 6708, 6808, 6830 XpressMusic, 7210c, 7210v, 7260, 7310c, 7310e, 7380, 7390, 7500, 8003, 8030, 8030 2sim, 808, 8600, 8600d, 8800, 8800 Arte, 8800 Sirocco, 8800+, 8800A, 8800e, 8800e 1, 8800e Arte, 8800i, 8800S, 8830, 8860E, 9900, A200, A6+, A606, A8 Porshe, Aeon, Arte 8800, BB7, BB7+, BX A300+, C306, C307, C308, C5, C500, C60i, C85, C88, C88i, C92, C93, E50, E51, E55, E60, E60 PDA, E60i, E65, E65i, E66, E66+, E66i, E66y, E68, E71, E71 2sim, E71+, E71++, E71i, E71TV, E71TV+, E75, E77, E78, E78c, E8 Touchpanel, E86, E89, E95, F6310, F69, GC690, HT508, K288, K288 MPEG4, K915+, L600, M5700+, M77, M78, M79, M9, M90+, M96, M97, Mini N95 8Gb, MM95, N001, N100, N1000, N12, N125, N126, N129, N135, N151, N153, N157, N177, N203, N203i, N204, N204i, N207, N207i, N22, N26, N28, N288, N28i, N290, N303, N321, N366, N366i, N368, N39, N4, N41, N5, N50, N500, N5030, N5177 2sim, N52, N52i, N54, N55, N56, N57, N57i, N57i 2sim, N5900, N600, N606, N608, N616, N618, N618+, N65, N6500, N658, N66, N66 2sim, N666i, N668, N66C, N66i, N66L, N67, N67i, N68, N688, N688i, N689, N7, N70, N70 TVphone, N70C, N70DK, N70i, N71i, N72, N72i, N72L, N73, N73 2sim, N73 Music Edition, N73 PDA, N730, N73C, N73C 2sim, N73D, N73F, N73G, N73i, N73L, N74c, N75, N750, N750+, N751, N75c, N75i, N76, N76c, N76i, N76m, N77, N771, N772, N777, N777i, N77i, N78, N78 2sim, N788, N78s, N79, N7i, N80, N800, N8003, N81, N81i, N82, N8201, N820i, N82i, N82_20pin, N83, N83c, N83i, N84, N84i, N85, N85i, N86, N8600, N8600 Luna, N86i, N87, N87c, N87i, N88, N8800, N8800L, N888, N8888, N88A, N88c, N88i, N88s, N89, N9, N9 2sim, N90, N900, N900i 2sim, N903, N903i, N905, N905i, N906, N906+, N907, N90i, N90s, N91, N910, N915+, N91A, N91i, N91i-TV, N92, N920i 2sim, N922i 2sim, N927i 2sim, N92G, N92i, N93i, N93i 2sim, N93i TV, N94, N94i, N94s, N95, N95 2sim, N95 8G, N95 B10, N95 PDA, N95 slider, N95 TV, N95+, N95C, N95e, N95i, N95i 2sim music edition, N95i slider, N95i TV, N95s, N95S 2sim, N96, N96 PDA, N96i, N96i 2sim, N97, N972, N973, N97i, N97k, N98, N98G, N98i, N98i TV, N98i Visoa, N98K, N99, N99 2sim, N990, N99B, N99i, N99i2, N99N, N9s, O3 838, P1I, Q2R, Q7, Q7+, Q900, Q900+, Q909, Q919, RH-73, S7230, S728, S89, T158, T57, T58, T6700, T98, TM17M1, TP012, TRE71, TV1000+, TV1100, TV2200, TV5, TV5188, TV690, TV7, TV702, TV8800, TV90, TV929, TV98, TV998, TV998+, V23, V230, V25, V27, V400, V8800, V909, V95, V96, V98, Veptu, Vertu, VT1300, VT9, X10, X11, X12, X5000, X6, X6+, X7, X7+, Z6700
Chinese-Other: 2928, 2GSM, 3188, 338, 3D-Sound V23, 3GSM, 6500s, 736, 808, 818, 828, 829, 838+, 9900, A108, A1168, A1308, A16, A17+, A1966, A2000, A203, A20P, A2198, A308, A328, A380, A520, A550, A628, A638, A6398, A6399, A666, A68, A7+, A700, A706, A8+, A818, A898, A900, A930+, A950, A960, A968, A968+, A969, Adidas, B889, BT888, BX E71i, C600, C702+, C902, C902+, C904+, CT61S, D820, D900, DVD, E66, F488, F492, F698, F838, Ferrari, FY5900, G618, Gionee, GM259, H668, H688, H689, HB758S, i1000, i1100, iPhone, JC51, JC678S, JC699S, JC730+, JC730S, JC777, K188, K300, K3000TV, K328, K3288, K588, K589, K666, K808, K8800TV+, K888, K915, K916, Kangaroo, KittyPhone, L7, L700, L707, L8000, L8080, L999, LC C4, LT X1, LT X5, LT100, Luna, LV918, M2210, M606, M777, M868, M869, M8800, M905, M910, MD 477TSIP, MK168, Mobile 2007, Mobile G1, MStar, MusicMobile Q10, N100, N107, N203, N203-K1, N28+, N328 GSM+CDMA, N600, N6555, N69, N73, N760, N77, N79, N81, N880, N88D, N980i, N98i, Navigator, P990, P990i, PDA 328, PDA 6688, PDA W726, Perfect 2G, PowerPack TC 2GSM, Q7+, Q77, Rolex, S-Mobile, S1288, S2199, S350, S351, S357, S68, S728, S73, S760+, S760TV, S780+, S808, S813, S817, S90, S97+, S98+, SE318, SE818, Sonic, SuperFone, T158, T2600-683, T320, T63, T67, T678, T69, T698, T69i, T737, T788A, T800+, T807, T88, T89, TagHeuer, TagHever, TT-V1, TV-6208, TV-C1000, TV1100i, TV12, TV200, TV2009i, TV55, TV600+, TV628, TV683, TV687, TV690, TV886, TV88SQ, TV9, TV90, TV902, TV988+, TV998, TVN95, TZ-Y500, V100, V168, V188, V333, V50, V5000, V52+, V57, V628, V660, V668, V68, V800, V807, V808, V9, V90i, V918, VS400, W726, W726 PDA, W726 PDA 2sim, WatchPhone, X-SLIM, X909, XpressMusic A520, Y500, Y600, Y690, YZ09, Z100, Z898, ZH6688, ZS89, ZT007, ZT303, ZT320, ZT321, ZT5099, ZT689+
Chinese-PDA: 520, 520+, 628, 628i, 6680, 6681, 8810i, 8850i, A1196, B889, D328, E590, E591, E592, L5688, Mobile T88, MP4, MPEG4, T88, TV-Mobile A9000, V13, X2, X3
Chinese-Pocket-PC: 1688 2sim, 6600, N77, N78, N87, N95, N95i, N99
Chinese-Samsung: 629+, A838, Armani, D500i, D520i, D600i, D800, D820, D828, D828+, D829, D860i, D900, D900+, D900i, D920, D958, E601, E603, E605, E680, E700, E708, E708+, E712D, E730, E730+, E730C, E738, E760i, E900, F300, F488c, F488e, i788, i888, i900, I9100, I9190w, I9260H, I9300, I9500, M8800, P528, P538, Q101, R500, S168, S9402, SGH-629, U800, U900, U908e, X180, X810, X810+
Chinese-Sharp: GX18, GX28, P810
Chinese-SharpV: P810
Chinese-Sony-Ericsson: A580, K288, K750, K750C, K750i, K758, K790i, K800, K800i, K808, K809, K810, K810i, M61, P800, P990i, T650i, V666, V700, W525, W580, W610i, W660, W700, W800, W800i, W880i, W995, Z610i
Chinese-Toshiba: E315, V10++, V11
Chinese-Vertu: 998, Ascent, Ascent Ferrari, Ascent I, Ascent Indeanapolis, Ascent Ti RM-267v, Constellation, F510, Ferrari, Ferrari F1+, Ferrari II, Ferrari III, Ferrari RHV3, LY 8088, MC2, Narnia V6 Mini, Royal, Royal R1, Signature, Signature RH267, Signature RHV8, Titanium, V1, V8+, V8i
Chiva: LM718, ST319, UK598
Citycall: Cute
CityTel: E900 WiFi
CKing: 339, K339
CKK: K111
Cloudfone: Ice Plus 2, Max X8 P7701, Q405G, Thrill
Club: 92, 95, A225, A6, C100, C200, C300, C900, M200, M30, M300, M400, M90
Club-Mobile: A11, M50
Coby: MP777
Colors: P50+, P55, P85, X130HD, X40
Comio: C1, C1 Pro, C2, P1, S1
Condor: A8, A8 Plus, Allure M1, Allure M2, Allure M3, Allure M3 Lite, C TAB 785R16 3G, C4++, C5 PGN-504, C6, C7 Mini PGN 404, C8, C8 PHS601, F Senior, F-Trios, F2, F5, G4+, G6, G6 Pro LTE PGN528, Griffe G4, Griffe T2, Griffe T3, Griffe T7, Griffe T9, Griffe T9, Griffe T9+, Infinity E4, Infinity E5, Infinity E5 Pro, Infinity i5, L2 Pro, L4, L4 Pro, M1, P4+, P5, P6, P6 Pro LTE, P7+, P8, P8 Lite, Plume L1 Plus, Plume L2 Pro, Plume L4, Plume L4 Pro, T1, T4 SP531, T8, T8, T8 Plus, T9, TB802L, TCV-703G, Telenor Infinity E4, TFX 708g, TFX 712G, TGW-706, TMK715L, TMK715L
Cool: ATL-V8
Coolpad: 1825, 360, 8297 T01, 8297L I00, 8298-I00, Cool 3, Cool 3 1825, CP3600I, CP8298, CP8298 I00, CP8676 I02, N5 Lite, Note 3 Lite, Note 5, Note 5 CP3600i
Coolry: 2008
Coral: 100, 180, 200, 200FM, 225, 255, 266, 280, 300, 400, 400FM, 450, 500, 500FM, 550, 555, 620, 630, 640, 645, 655, 725, 850
Corby: L6, W6233
Cordless-Phone: FC8050
Corn: T20, T363
Coss: C1S
Cosun: 289, 512, 638, 8266, 8988, 9958, C512, N73i
Crew: 202
Cross: CB90, CB95AT, CB96ET, CB97, G10, GG53, GG55
Crown: B902
CRTel: A2000, C200, X10, X6
CSL: DS110, i200
Ctroniq: C70S, Wiz 3 Plus, Wiz 5, Wiz 5 Plus
Ctves: M777
Cubot: Max 3, Rainbow, X20
Cvfd: M31
Cxcess: X499
CXTel: D90
Cyber-Shot: E860
Cyfon: C800i
Cynix: D28, D38, E49
CZCT: C8000
D-Horse: D510
D-One: DG 518, DG518, DG558, DG568, G628
D-Tech: D5-S, DFP 02 Senior, DSP-01, DT07 TAB 4G, DT14gs, LM-01
Daewoo: D600
Danew: DSlide 1013QC, Konnect 402, Konnect 504
Dany: G4, G5, Genius Talk T500, Maxx 05, Monster 4G, Monster 4G Tab, S1, T470
Dapeng: T2000, T3000
Darago: 3310, DR12
DataWind: 7CZ
Daxian: 619, 669, 780, 8100, A6388, C8100, E689, J168, J6, JT398, N55, N800, P168, T108, X3000, X658, X7, X728, X756, X780, X799, X9188, X960, X960-FM, X999
DBest: VT880
DbPhone: DB011T
DBTel: J6
DC-Tel: X920e
DCode: DS-BD1
DColor: XD909
DCom: 105
Deco: F1
Delta: X200
Desay: K618, L608, M523, M535, M888, N618+, N618i
Dexp: AL140, BL150, BS650, G253, Ixion MS255, L310i
Dezzo: D800
Dfashion: Z3
Dialog: Blaze M50E-1A
Diamond: D11, DJH T661, T8800
Diga-Mobile: D122, G123, G126
Digga: D25
Digibee: BSNL G200CF, G240
Digicel: DL3
Digimac: EXi
Digiphone: 9800TV, E711, T828
Digit: 4G Music
Digital: C500
Digma: Linx Rage 4
Dirland: E307, M881, P708, R100, X410
Disco: Z1
Disko: 1030, 5282, 8S, D6, I9082, K6, L7, M7, Mate 7, Mini S4, N9000, NX800, One M7, P6, S3806, S5, S5282, S720e, T375
Disney: 520+
Disquo: Q100
DJH: T660
Djuice: Shake
DK-Mobile: O9
Dlight: M100, M200
DMND: W720i
Dodge: A5
Donod: D5130, D805, D805+, D806, D960
Donood: D700
Doogee: N10, N20, N30, S88 Pro, X10, X20, X30, X5 Max, X5 Max, X53, X55, X60L, X6S, X70, X90L, X95i, Y7, Y8, Y8C
Doopro: P1
Doov: YH923
Dopod: A6188
Dopodo: C95, C97, C99, C99+, E57+, E61+, E62+, E63+
Dorado: 6700C, A006, D111, D380, D600, D890, TV15
Doro: 338gsm, 611, 612, 8042 DSB0110, DFB-0280, HandleEasy 326gsm, HandleEasy 328gsm, PhoneEasy 345gsm, PhoneEasy 409s, PhoneEasy 410gsm, PhoneEasy 410s, PhoneEasy 610
Dotcom: MB 2300TV
DRV-Mobiles: R52
Dsney: M6, N8, Q7
Dtech: DFP-01
Dual: 77, Vogue
Dubao: 538, 558, 728, 728+, 738, 758, 768, 768+, 777
Duoduogo: S10
DV-Phone: V93i, V96i, V97i
DVD: S618
DX: N6188
E-Tachi: A5 Slim, A5 Slim 8.1, B105 Lite, B2, B52, E10, E200, E4, Mega
E-Tel: P7, P9, V809
E-Top: S30
Eagle: E52
Easycall: 6600
Ecconet: Tab
Echo: Dune, Slide
Egitel: V6
Egltel: V6
EgoMobile: E0216wfa KRC 1036
Einstein: MC2, MC3, Singular
Eiriga: E13
Eiroga: E666, N73+
Ektel: C1 TV
Elenberg: MT105, MT320, MT520
Elephone: A6
Elgin: EL MP730
Elite: H1, Max
Elitek: FN8618, FN888, GT101YN
Elitex: 8888
Eliya: S168
Elson: E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900
Emblaze: Sting6, Touch7
Emol: 66
Emporia: Click V32c, Smart-4-S4
Energizer: E241s, Energy S500E
Energy: X2
Enes: D3
Enet: E9
Enie: E5, EH3
Enimac: MQ8200
ENMAC: MQ-8200
Enteos: i-BD620
Epik: K501 Plus
Epoda: EP2502
Etachi: B1
Etel: E12
Etisalat: 211FM
eTouch: 1133i, 212Pro, 232Pro, 303, 303Pro, 515Pro, 612, 616Pro, 636, 636Pro, 717Pro, CG1, D108, D11, D12, D120, D160, D18, D200, D21, D220, D23, D30, D300, D33, D35, D38, D6, D60, D8, DS100, F50, J100, J165, J168, MB68, MD82, X88i, XL10, XL25, XL53
Eurocell: E88
Eurostar: Epad 5, Onyx 2 LTE, Onyx 2 LTE, Onyx 3S LTE, Onyx-1+
Evercoss: A54
Everfo: 2601, 2602, 2603, 2604, E2211+, E32, E591, E711D, E713D, E730, E863, E866, E911, E912, E927, E941
Evertek: E300, E500, M20, X9, X90
Evolve: GX607
Excellent: Ex554
Exmar: DXD-TX1
Experta: X1
Explay: Advance, BM50, Fin, Primo, T1000
Express: X11
Eyo: C5000, E71, E71S
Ezio: E300, E800, ESL808, MP500, SL308, SL900
Famous: 5 Plus
Fashion: A5688, T508, T588
Fengxing: M609C
Fero: A4001 Plus, A5002
Ferrari: F1, F108, F589, F599, HC668, LV2008
FiGi: G6
FIH: 1002
Finecomm: f11
Firefly: Aurii Secret Lite
Firefly-Mobile: GT100s
FixedPhone: FC8050
FixMobile: A969
Flare: J7 Lite
Fly: 2040, 2040i, 2040L, 2060, 2080, A106, B300, B400, B430, B600, B700, DS100, DS103D, DS105, DS110, DS110i, DS120, DS150, DS156, DS160, DS165, DS170, DS180, DS185, DS186, DS187N, DS210, DS400, DS420, DS500, E100, E105, E110, E115, E120, E125, E130, E135, E140, E145, E147TV, E150, E160, E170, E171, E181, E185, E190, E300, E310, Ezzy, Ezzy3, FS507, G1, Hi-SLDR, Hummer HT1, Hummer HT2, IQ 4608 Quad, IQ4407, IQ441, IQ4418, IQ4490i, IQ4505, IQ4518, IQ465, Levis LV1, LX500, LX600, LX610, LX800, M100, M130, M140, MC100, MC105, MC120, MC130, MC150DS, MC160, MC165, MC170DS, MC175, MC180, MC220, MC300, MP100, MP220, MP300, MP400, MP500, MP600, MX200, MX200i, MX230, MX300, MX330, Q110, Q200, Q300, Q400, Q410, SL100, SL130, SL140DS, SL140i, SL200, SL300m, SL399E, SL400m, SL500i, SL500m, SL600, SL600 Vodafone, SLT100, ST100, ST300, Swift GTS, SX100, SX200, SX210, SX215, SX220, SX225, SX230, SX240, SX300, SX305, SX310, SX315, TS107, V100, V180DS, V40, V50, V60, X3, X7, X7a, Z200, Z300, Z300a, Z400, Z500
Fly-Ying: E71i, F003, F006, F007, F008, F021, F026, F035, F036, F080, F300, F350, F698, F99
Flying: F300, F636, F639, F67, F69, F698, F698i, F800, F826, F900, F916, F936, F996
Flynet: F001, F007
FMobile: B290
Fome: N7
Forby: G899
Forme: A398i, C101, D386, D5, D516, F8, F808, L300, M6, M600, M660, M800, Q5000, U969
Forstar: FT970
Fortune: F16, F32
Fory: F288
Foston: 968B, FS-829, FS-836B, FS-868B, FS-968A, FS862, FS968A, PDA
Four: S400
Foxlink: Z302
Freeyond: M5
Frome: F8
Frost: 701, F26, M23
Fujistar: FJ-71, FT-1011
FUN: N100, N73, N77, N78, N95
Funker: F803DS
Funny: A8, V50
FunnyMobile: V20
FunTel: F404
Fushida: S360
FuXen: Hydra 6, Hydra6
G+G: i908
G-Fen: L600
G-Five: 3120, 5130, 525, 6620, 6670, 710, 720, 736, 7620, 898, A2, A5, A77, A86, A97, AP3, Bravo G95, C2160, C6233, D60, D90, D99, F2, F3, F5, F8, Falak, FT01, FT02, FT03, G10, G226, G300, G3000, G365, G370, G6 President, G6C, G7 President, G880, GF73, H600, H91, i300, i310, K568, L226, L229, L300, L700, L800, M1, M5130, M55, M6, M610, M73, M99, N1120BT, N18, N79i, N90, President Smart 2, Q33, Q8i, U303, U505, U717, U867, U879, U898, U899, U909, U959, U969, W1, X9
G-Fone: 311 Aircel, 411 Aircel, 422 Aircel, 466 Aircel
G-Mobile: C102A, J500, M93, N82
G-net: G409 Mini
G-Next: GN14, U979
G-Phone: 5700
G-Right: 3000, 6700, 6800, C200, E52, E72, G2, L200, L300, U808, U999, V400, V80, X300, X400, X600
G-Shine: L800
G-Star: 618, 808, 899, G2, G6, G851, GM108, GM128, GM208, GM209, GM238, GM308, GM318, GM328, GM329, GM338, GM508, GM528, GM608, GM618, GM618 Slim, GM809, GM851, GM896, GM896M, Q82
G-Stop: N8y
G-Tab: G100M, P7072G, Q69
G-Tel: A713 Pro, Vivo 4
G-Tide: E6 Mini, E908, G-Pad Power, G12, G15, G18, G28, G5310, G7, G838, L600, V7s, W110, W310, W510, W520, W620, W660
G-Touch: G3, Mito A880
G-Vill: G9900
G-Zone: C5
Gaba: A72
Galaxy: SQ9600, T81
Gallin: GM63
Game: 5300
Gamma: K9, M55
Gaoxinqi: A818, D601, E908, E908i, GS518, GXQ F896, GXQ N358, N82, N87, T838, TL528
Gatel: E73
GBest: M23
GDL: Extreme3, G100
Geecoo: G4, G4 GB01
GeePee: 1145
Gelsi: G31, G31 Movilnet VE
General: Mobile 4G
General-Mobile: 8 Go
GeneralMobile: 4G, DST01, DST10, DST11, DST12, DST13, G333
Genius: TAB G4 md708
Genx: TZ8
GEO: G1, GV500, Gv880
Geotel: G1, S9300
Getek: TK806, TK808
GFive: 3sim King, 4Light, 7630, A5, A98, Big Bird, Boss, D11, D90, D902, D99, Disco E301, E71y, F3, F5, Fire 3310, G3310, G4 Play, G550, G6 Plus, GF3310, Gold, Golden, Gpad 702, Gpad701, LTE 3, M99, Polo, President Gold 10, President Gold 9, President Smart 2, Rebon, Rock, Rock, Shine, Smart 5, Smart A98, Sunlight, T33+, T580, Tiger, U220+, U222+, U229, U320, U800, U808, U898, W39, W5, X202, Z8
Gibox: MK369, MK397
Gigaset: GS100, GS190
Gild: 6700, N9, S33
Ginzzu: S5001
Gionee: A1, A10 TV, A809, A830, E3, E5, E6, E99, F10, F103, F103 Pro, F205, F3 Pro, F6, F9, G1, G3, G5, GN5001S, I9, L7, L700, L8, M2, M3, M5, M5 Lite, M7 Power, M700, Max, P1, P15, P2, P2S, P3, P3S, P4, P5 Mini, P5L, P5L, P5MINI, P5W, P6, P7 Max, p8w, S11 Lite, S6S, S80, S96, SPlus, T520, V4, V4S, V5, V5600, V890, X1
Giong: S500
Giorgio: Arnan F8
Giorgio-Arnani: Dual Sim, F8
Gjiang: W007
Glaif: 2690i
Glid: 6700, FXD3600, FXD6300, H1, N9, S3720, S648, S76, S93, TV98, V2, V76, X5
Glis: S77
Global-Mobile: G0003
GlobalMobile: G0003
Globul: TA2322n
GLP: 138GT
GLX: X202
GMobile: T68
GNet: G8600, N99
GNext: G401, GN11, GN28, GN90i
GNine: K2+, X88
Go-Mobile: 775
GoClevel: Quantum 450 LTE
Goclever: Quantum ll 500N
Goldmobil: J88
Goldvish: Signature RHV-2, Signature TRGH-8
GoMobile: 1452, GO180, GO950
Gonex: Nex 5
Good-One: L007
GoodOne: Z7
Goodtel: G3
Goodve: GV11, T7, T9, X9
GPlus: P10, Q10
GPS-Mobile: K3288
Gradiente: GC300, GF500, GF760, GF910, GF910i, GF930, GF930i, GF950, GF970, Vibe
Greenpower: H48
Gresso: M230, M3310, M3330
Gretel: M31
Gross: G10
GSmart: Aku A1
GSmax: GS868
GT: V100
GT-Mobile: 1268, 1400, 450, i1268, M300, M920, TV-70, TV100, TV70
GTab: P7072G
GTel: A703, A704i, X2-02, X5 Mini, X6 Mini, X6s, X7 Plus, X7S
Gtran: N120, N150, N510
Gucci: G600, G629, G668
Guophone: V88
GVill: 301, G2-02, G308, G808, Toch
GVon: 900
GX: T7
H-Mobile: 3310, T100
Hagenuk: DS300, Jazz, M628
Haier: Esteem Q5, Esteem Q5 HM-I506-w, Esteem-Q5, G111, G30, G700, HG-A8, HG-M150, HG-M151, HG-M161, HG-M306, HG-M307, HG-V70, I60, I70, M300, M500, S210, T757, Z1000, Z1600i, Z701S, Z702
Hamrah: S5200
Hang-Jiang: N97 Mini
Hantel: 6088, A800, BL699, D1838, D801, E860, H168, H625, HN9398, HT3188, HT6088, HT6600, HT8388, M2210, Send Y500, T6800, TV-488
HCL: Connect 3G, Connect V3
Heady: H787
Hedy: H767, H797, S803
Heilo: S1, S60
Helio: X10
Hello: HL2801, HL2802
Hellocity: C306
HelloKitty: 318
Hi-Tech: Amaze S305, G4i, S300i, X250, Youth HT880
Hic: S900
Hidden-Dragon: N68
Hightech: HT100
Hightel: M88
Higtel: H869
Himax: H12
HiPhone: V188
Hipstreet: Pilot 10DTB42
Hiqo: B400
HiSense: C20, E30 Lite, E30se, E40 HLTE229e, E40 Lite HLTE223E, E50 HLTE232E, E50 Lite, F10, F16, F17, F22, F25, F35, H40 HLTE321E, HS-U939, HS-U970, HS-U980, Infinity E31 Lite HLTE105E, Infinity E6, L675, U30 U606, U40, U40 HLTE103E, U601S, U605, U962, U963, U963 HLTE100E, U965 HS6580MT
Hisong: M920
Hitech: 3600i, Air 1, Air 8, Amaze 300, Amaze S410, F2i, G10, G3i, H2i, H31, H38, H382, H39, H55, H61, M21, Micra115+, S3, S300i, S5, X9
Hitel: M1038
Hitune: A4
Hitz: 2211
HKM: N6370
HMNote: 1W
Holleycomm: H3101, H3260, H3270
Holyday: D600
Hometech: Alfa 7 Premium, HT-7RT
Homtom: H10
Hongxiang: M733W
Honor: 4X CHE1-CL10, 5X KIW-L24, 7 Play DUA-AL00, 7s DUA-L22, 8A JAT-LX9, 8s, C6 Pro, CHE1-L04, Holly
Honxiang: M733W
Hooah: S1, S3
Hope: 6700
Hotwav: Cosmos, Cyber 8, Hot 6, K19, Pearl K1, R10, V10, Venus R10, Venus R6, Venus R8
HSL: A400 Style, Colours, Y400, Y4200
HT-Mobile: A30, G10, G11, G19, G20, G30
HTC: 326G, 516, 816G, A288, D616, D626T, Desire 12 2Q5V100, Desire 210DS, Desire 310, Desire 310, Desire 320, Desire 526G+, Desire 616, Desire 626, Desire 628 DS, Desire 728 DS, Desire D830n, DROBGA, M8 Clone, M8W, M9S, Touch FLO P3452
HTTel: A800
Hualu: S600
Huate: T600
Huawei: Acend U30, AMN-LX9, Ascend G7 L11, BG2 W09, BG2-U01, BG2-U03, C2205, C2285, C506, C6300, Copy T6, CUN-U29, DRA-LX5, G20, G2800S, G330d, G3500, G3501, G3510, G3510m, G3510s, G3512, G3610, G3621L, G5010, G5500, G5510, G5521, G5720, G5730, G5760, G6, G6005, G610-U00, G6150, G6600, G6600D, G6603, G6608, G6609, G6610, G6610v, G6620, G6622, G7002, G7007, G7010, G7050, G7105, G7206, G7210, G7300, G7600, G8 Rio Lo1, GR3 TAG L22, GR5-KII-L21, H30-U10, HOL-U19, Honor 3C, Honor 8s KSA-LX3, Honor HOL-U19, JAT L29, JMM-AL10, JMM-l22, KSA-LX9, LUA-L01, LUA-U22, MediaPad T3 BG2-W09, MediaPad T8 KOB2 L03, MYA-L22, T128, T156, T158, T160L, T161L, T201, T202, T206, T208, T211, T261L, T330, T6, T710, T711, TRT L21A, VNS L21, WKG-L09 C185E3R2P1, Y220, Y221-1U22, Y221-U22, Y221-U53, Y3 2017 CRO-U00, Y3 II LUA-L22, Y320-U30, Y330, Y330-U01, Y330-U05, Y336-U02, Y360-U61, Y360-U72, Y5 2019 AMN-LX9, Y5 Lite DRA-LX5, Y5 MYA-L22, Y5 Prime 2018 DRA-LX2, Y511-U30, Y520-U12, Y520-U22, Y541-u2, Y550-L01, Y560-U02, Y560-U61, Y5P DRA-LX9, Y6 2017 MYA-L41, Y6 2019 MRD-L21A, Y6 2019 MRD-LX1F, Y6 Prime MRD-LX1F, Y600-U20, Y600-U40, Y625, Y625-U32, Y6P MED-L29, Y6P MED-LX9N, Y7 2019, Y7 TRT-LX1, Y9a FRL-L22
Huaxi-Ang: N800
Huaxiang: N800, N900
Huayu: CM336, CM591, CM618, CM678, FT688, G688, K878, K888, L787, L888, M818, P30, V928
Hudl: HT7P16S3, HT7S3
HUG: Q88i
Hurricane: Excite, H51, Infinity Great, Iris Plus
Hutch: Usha-Lexus UL2104
HX-Mobile: H1120
HXD: K900
Hyundai: E465Go, E553, H350, L480, MB-115, MB-121, MB-D125, MB-D130, MP318, MP510, MP718, MP728, MP738, MP880, W100
HZTel: F400, S400
i-Cell: i588, T33+
I-Mobile: 100, 101, 200, 2211, 222, 301, 306, 308, 313, 315, 318, 320, 360, 508, 510, 511, 516, 518, 520, 523, 530, 536, 600, 601, 602, 603, 604, 606, 608, 609, 609i, 610, 611, 613, 625, 626, 630, 901, 902, 903, BlackIce, CE0680, CE0889, CX-K809, IE3210
I-Nix: NTB-272DC
i-TV: V10
Ianus: 999
Iball: 3.5E Kke Winner, 4B2, Andi 107, Andi 3 5i, Andi 4 5K6, Andi 4 B2, Andi 5 E7, Andi3.5V Genius 2, Andi4di, Andi5.5N2, Avonte 2.4G, Bravo 1.8, Classic 3.5, Fab 2.6A, Glitter 4.5, I153, iT KSA0012, King 2 1.8D, Leader, Leader 2.8H, Slide 6318I, Slide 7236, Vogue 2.4-KK1
iBRIT: Jazz 1, Speed X, V7.0
iCell: i588
iCool: A520
ICraig: Tab
IdealPhone: i869
IdeaTab: S6000-H
iFcane: E1
iFOE: P168+, P168C
iHunt: Alien X
Ikall: K230, K5
Ikon: IK 800W, IK785, IK787
IKU: A40, A6, I3, V400
Ila: E1+
iLegend: GX200
Ilife: K3500, TZB704
IMax: C82, MX-242
Imo: 168, B9000, L818, Q2+, T378
IMobily: K7
iMODO: IM100
Indian: i20
Infinity: 2in1, 5800 2sim, Blade, Cinema 2, Dual, E5 Pro, M1 Pro, Q500, RMa, S380, Triple
Infinix: A88, Hot 10, Hot 10 Lite, Hot 10 Play X688B, Hot 10 Play X688C, Hot 10S X689B, Hot 10T, Hot 11s X6812, Hot 2 X510, Hot 4, Hot 4 lite, Hot 4 Lite X557, Hot 4 Pro, Hot 4 Pro X556, Hot 6 X606B, Hot 6 X606D, Hot 6x X623, Hot 7, Hot 7 Pro X625C, Hot 7 X624B, Hot 7 X625C, Hot 8 Lite X650, Hot 8 Lite X650B, Hot 8 X650, Hot 8 X650C, Hot 8 X653, Hot 9 Play X680B, Hot 9 Pro X655C, Hot 9 X655C, Hot 9 X680B, Hot S3, Hot S3 X573, Indian 22, Note 10 X693, Note 3 Pro X601 LTE-A1, Note 3 X601-A1, Note 5 X604, Note 7 Lite X656, Note 7 X690, Note 8 X692, Note 8i X683, PR652b, PR652b, S4, S4 X626B, S5 Lite X652B, S5 Pro X660, S5 X652A, S5 X660, Smart 2 X5515I, Smart 2 X609, Smart 3, Smart 4, Smart 4 x635c, Smart HD X612B, X352, X500, X5010, X521, X522, X551, X5515, X5515 Smart 2, X5515F, X552, X554, X556, X557, X557A1, X572, X573, X573B, X582B, X601, X603, x606b, X606D, X608, X609, X612B, X612B-GL, X625c, X626, X626B, X627, X627 Smart3 Plus, X650, X650C, X6511B, X6511B Smart 6, X6511e, X652A, X653c Smart 4, X657B, X657C, X659B, X660B, X680, X680B, X680F, X6816C, X682B, X683, X690, X690b, X692, X695, XT609 Smart HD 2, Zero 8 X687
Infocus: AH1, Handy S1e, Handy S2e, IF9001, m370i, S1e, S2 Plus, S3E, Turbo 5 Plus IF9021, Vision 3, Vision 3 IF9031
Innjo: Halo 2
Innjoo: F1, Halo Plus, I1S, i2, I2S, One
Innostream: Inno 900
Innovo: i8510
Inoi: 3 Lite
Intex: 2x, 702, Alpha, Aone+, Aqua 3G, Aqua 3G Pro, Aqua 3G+, Aqua 4.5E, Aqua 4G+, Aqua A1, Aqua Air 2, Aqua Craze, Aqua Curve, Aqua FulVU e5, Aqua I14, Aqua i5, Aqua i6, Aqua I7, Aqua Life 2, Aqua Lions 2, Aqua Lions 4G, Aqua Lions T1 7.0, Aqua Lite, Aqua Marvel+, Aqua N11, Aqua P3, Aqua Power, Aqua Power 2, Aqua Power HD, Aqua Power+, Aqua Q1, Aqua Q1+, Aqua Q2, Aqua Q3, Aqua Qwerty, Aqua R2, Aqua R3, Aqua R4+, Aqua S2, Aqua S3, Aqua Sense 5.0, Aqua Shine 4G, Aqua Speed, Aqua Star 2, Aqua Star 4G, Aqua Star II, Aqua Strong, Aqua Strong 5.2, Aqua SX, Aqua T2, Aqua T4, Aqua T5, Aqua V+, Aqua V2, Aqua V3G, Aqua X, Aqua Xtreme, Aqua Y2, Aqua Y2 Pro, Aqua Young, Aqua Zenith, Aqua4.5E, Classic+, Cloud Style 4G, Cloud Y13+, Cloud Y4, Cloud Y4+, Crystal 701, Curve Mini, Elyt Dual, Fame, Fame 301, Force, Force 2, Grand, Gravity+, Hunk, IN0315, IN1044, IN1107, IN1212 Nano Plus, IN1224, IN2010, IN2020, IN2020 Nano, IN2020 Nano 2, IN2020E, IN2020FM, IN2020QT, IN2022 Nano, IN2030, IN2030D, IN2030Dx, IN2040E, IN2040N, IN2044, IN2060, IN2080, IN2080E, IN2222, IN2233, IN2244, IN2266, IN3030, IN3050, IN3055, IN3060, IN3060D, IN3070, IN3070E, IN3080, IN3080E, IN3333, IN40, IN4040, IN4060, IN4400, IN4410, IN4415, IN4420, IN4420S, IN4444, IN4455, IN4460, IN4466, IN4470, IN4470N, IN4477, IN4488, IN4495, IN5030, IN5040, IN5050, IN5544, IN6611 Ace, IN6633, IN8810, iSmart, IV0118ND, Jazz, K1, Leo, Nano 104, Nano 2x, Nano Star, Nano2, Neno2, Neo 201, Neo V Plus, P3, Platinum Cube, Platinum Dream, Platinum Mini, Platinum Ultra, Player+, Power+, Pride, Pride LX, Pride+, R2, R3, Style VX, T3, T4, Turbo N, Turbo V2, Ultra 3000, Y2 Pro, Yuvi LX, Yuvi Pro
Invens: A1, Diamond D5, Royal R1, Royal R5, V5
IO-Sound: 301, i90
ION: i100
Iosound: i960, is102
iPro: Kylin 5.0S
Irbis: SP20
Irion: 9108DS
Iris: DM-7G, G7060, I-S3, is3+, Next P Pro, Next P+, Sat DM 7g, V10, Vox 55, Vox Alpha, Vox Energy
iRULU: X67
iSmart: i1 Thunder, IS305
ITel: 2130, 2150, 5170, 5360, 5622, 6005, 6910, A11D, A12, A14, A14 Max, A14 Plus W4002, A15, A15 W5002, A16, A16 Plus, A16 Plus A510W, A16+, A17 W5006X, A22 Pro, A23, A23 Pro, A23 Pro L5006S, A235, A23R, A23s, A23s Pro L5006S, A24 L5007, A25, A25 L5002, A25 Pro L5002P, A32F, A33, A33 w5001p, A35, A36 W5505, A37 A571W, A42+, A44 Air, A44 Power, A44 Pro, A46, A46 L5002, A46 W5503L, A48 L6006, A48 L6006L, A507LM AC50, A507LS SU335, A509W, A52, A52s, A55 LTE L6003P, A55 W6003, A56 W6004, A571L, A571W, A58 Pro A661WP, AC13 W4001P, AC60 L6004L, Alpha W5503, C8000, IT1407, IT1409, IT1460 Pro, IT1501, IT1502, IT1505, IT1508, IT1508 Plus, IT1512, IT1513, IT1516 Plus, IT1518, IT1520, IT207, IT2150, IT2160, IT2162, IT2163, IT217, IT2171, IT2173, IT2180, IT5026, IT5071, IT5081, IT5091, IT5092, IT5230, IT5231, IT5250, IT5600, IT5606, IT5616, IT5626, IT600, IT6131 Magic 2, IT6300, IT6330, IT700, IT800, KidPad 1, L5002, L5006C, L6002P, L6005, L6006, L6501, L6502, P11, P11 W506B, P12, P13, P15, P32, P32, P32 8.1.0, P33 Plus, P33 W5504, P36 W6501, P37 P651W, P37 Pro Vision 2 Plus P681L, P38 Pro, P561W, P651L F6316 Vision-2s, P661W, P681LM, P682L F6320, Power 400, S11, S11 Plus, S11 Pro, S11x, S12, S13, S15, S15 Pro, S15 W6002E, S16 Pro Vision 2 L6503, S16 W6502, S31, S32, S32 LTE, S33, S41, S42, V51 LTE L5007S, Vision 1 P36 Play L6005, Vision 1 Pro L6502, W5001p, W5005, W5504, W6001, W6004P-SP591
Ivoomi: I2, I2 Lite IN02, IV505-v5, ME-5
J-Kai: TV96K
J-Max: F10, J-Diamond, J95, JM5700, Saxy
J-Mobile: J-S3, J100
J-Tide: C28, G880
Jaga: TT678
Jalor: A8
Jaso: J10, J9600
Jazz: Digit 1 4G, Digit 4G, Digit 4G Defender, Digit 4G Elite, Digit 4G Energy, Digit 4G Pro, Digit4G Bold 6.0, JS1, JS2, JS7 Pro, T161L, Xplore JF100, Xplore Js700
JBJ: N99
Jbs-One: U2
Jeep: W900
JFone: J87
JFS: N5000
Jgtel: 003i, J1020
Jiali: K188
JiaXing: N95, N97, N98
Jiayu: JY-G2F, JY-G3
Jin: D898
Jin-Ke: E100
Jincen: 528, 618S+, 666, 678S, JC E2, JC E6, JC51, JC618S, JC6700, W400s
Jing-Ling: E81TV
Jinga: A400, Neon
JingCheng: JC666S
Jinke: E100, E100-TriBand
JinPeng: 007FM, 488, 5108, 5199, 5588, 768, 8188, 8190, 8198, 8283, A09TV, A1280, A2198, A5616, A5658, A5688, A606, A616, A666, A7522, A9, A928, B798, C3000, E1088, E2298, E55, E6180, E88, H788, i908, JP1688, K330, K939, K989, K999, L808, M8, M868, M99, S1111, S1288, S1318, S2128, S628, S688, S7310, S868, U900, V70, V70FM, W880, W998
Jinteyu: V678
Jivi: 12i, 2829, 444, AJ3, X3i, X57, X6699
Jmm: L22
JRCell: i6
Jugate: 2sim, Z-AD928, ZJ880, ZJS638
Just5: CP10, Konrow, M503
Jusyea: J5
K&C: W806, W812
K-Five: K15, Vanilla
K-Mobile: K828
K-Touch: A11, A615, A635, C108, C260, D170, D770, D780, H777, H999, Kis-1, TBL5761, V760, V908, X90
Kailinuo: K925
Kaiqi: N107, TV32
Kalley: Silver Max Pro, TCF200
Karamfone: S4, X5
Karbonn: A065, A1 Plus Super, A1+, A101, A108+, A109, A119, A11Star, A12+, A12Star, A14, A14+, A19, A19+, A1Star, A2, A2+, A20, A202, A240, A25, A25+, A26, A29, A4, A40, A40+, A50s, A51+, A52, A52+, A5s, A6, A6 Turbo 3G, A6-Turbo 3G, A6MT, A7Star, A8+, A80, A81, A8Star, A9 Indian, A90s, A92, A92+, A92Star, A95, A99i, A9s, Aura, Aura Power 4G, K-Phone 1, K-Phone 2, K-Phone 5, K10, K101, K101Star, K102, K102+, K102Star, K103, K104Star, K105s, K110i, K111, K112, K113, K118, K121, K14, K18, K20Star, K217, K21Star, K22+, K222s, K25, K27Star, K2Star, K3+, K300, K32Star, K330, K331, K34+, K343, K350, K36+, K406, K443, K444, K444i, K445, K446, K447, K450, K451, K451+, K46+, K460, K478, K496, K51, K52+, K52Star, K541, K55+, K550, K56, K560, K57+, K570, K58, K595, K60, K61, K62+, K63+, K650, K661, K695+, K70, K72+, K725, K73, K75, K75+, K76+, K77, K770, K775, K7Star, K84, K85, K9, K9, K9 Smart, K9 Smart Plus, K9+, K90, K95, K96, K98, KC411, KC470, KC540, Machfive, Machone S310, P9, Platinum P9, S2, S2+, S310, S4+, ST52, Ta-Fone A37, Titanium Octane, Titanium Octane+, Titanium S10, Titanium S12 Delite, Titanium S19, Titanium S2, Titanium S2+, Titanium S20, Titanium S25, Titanium S3+, Titanium S4+, Titanium S5 Ultra, Titanium S5+, Titanium S6, Titanium S8, Titanium S9, Titanium ST72, Titanium Vista 4G
Kata: T Mini 3
Kazu: M178
Kecaoda: K9
Kechao: C7
Kechaoda: K111, K116, K116+, Mini K9
Kechoda: K27, K51, K6
Kedaq: Q191
Kejian: K508, M680
Kekai: K26i
Kenbo: O61
Keneksi: Q3 Gold, S5
Kenuo: KD-B86, KN-76D, KN-A75D, KN-D8, KN-D9, KU-D9, N750
Kenxinda: D16, F66, k5200, K528, M2, W881, Z55
Kenxindad: 300
Keyad: K1
KFive: Vanilla
KFY: J12
KGTel: 2160, 5606, Better10, K-L400, K2, K2180, K2190, KT2175
Kiano: E10, E4, E5, Elegance 4.5, Elegance 5.0
Kicka: 4+
Kiech: N8899
Kifung: S108
Kimcell: N88
Kimfly: A1, A15, K105, K9, K900
King-One: K608
Kingelon: A968
KingK: 800
Kingmax: 8+8
Kingpo: E302, E320, E733
Kingsdom: K2
Kingstar: A25, F9, KS A1 Plus, KS-B23, KS-C1, X1
Kingsun: V902
Kinlong: K228i, K288+, N96
Kinstar: KS-C2
Kioto: Tab MID1021
Kiowa: S5 Cristal
Kisen: 3000, F350, K1, K2000, P83, V633
KIT: LC-888
Kitty: 318, 328, 348, C90+
Kivi: I4i, KS333
Klipad: KL6889b
KLoong: A913, E714, E718
KN-Mobile: KN200, KN300, KN310, KN400, KN500
Kocaso: MX1037
Konka: 169FM, A26M, A76, A76FM, C220, C612, C623, C623FM, C625, C628, C629, C635, C636, C676, C926, C966, D163, D165, D169, D225, D266, D280, D316, D363, D620, D770, E303, EC001, EC001FM, EC003, EC006, G208, K120, M5061, M520, M910, SP3, SP9, W990
Konrow: Easy5, Just 5, Sweet 5
KooperMobile: S4502
Korby: K1000
Kotiotel: K5
Kotka: E90, E97, E98
Kotlotel: K5
KPN: One, Touch
Krip: K4m, K57
KTech: 8020, 8030, 8030i, 8388, K400, N8899
KTouch: A11+, A5118, A615, A650, A905, A933, B718, B830, B922, B923, B938, C800, D700, D702, S515, V918, X555
Kulala: M303 Tab
Kult: KT05
KuXing: K1000
KXD: 001, 012
Kyocera: C2500, E2500, E3500, E4600, KYV48, S1600
Kyoto: T737E
Kzen: Axis A1
KZG: N200
L8Star: BM70
Laise: N99
Lanboxiny: F8
LandRover: F8
Landvo: XM200 Pro
Lanix: Kip, LX11, LX5, S106, X10, Z11
Lanye: N70
Lava: 252, 285, 405+, 454, 505, 702, A10, A16 Plus, A3 Mini, A32, A51, A59, A67, A73, A76Plus, A77, A82, A9, A97, A97, A97ips, Arc 220, Arc Lite, ARC02, Arc1+, Arc11+, Arc111, Arc12, Arc22, Arc240, Arc9i, ArcOne, Benco V70 AE9220, Benco V80 AE9010, Benco y11 s115, Benco Y40 AH9910, C11s, C500, Dis128, Dis132, Disc 136, Discover 136s, Discover132, Discover135, Flair P1, Flair P2, Flair Z1, Fuel F1, Grand 2C, Grand2C, i130S, I310s, Iris 245e, Iris 250, Iris 30, Iris 310s, Iris 352, Iris 352e, Iris 354e, Iris 356, Iris 400c, Iris 402, Iris 404 Flair, Iris 404e, Iris 405, Iris 405+, Iris 41, Iris 410, Iris 414, Iris 415, Iris 444, Iris 455, Iris 46, Iris 46 LH9950, Iris 470, Iris 500, Iris 503e, Iris 504Q, Iris 505, Iris 51, Iris 512, Iris 565, Iris 65, Iris 65, Iris 708, Iris 758, Iris 80, Iris 820, Iris 821, Iris 88, Iris Aatom A1, Iris Atom, Iris Atom X, Iris Atom3, Iris Fuel 20, Iris Fuel F1, Iris Fuel F2, Iris Style 300, Iris X1, Iris X1 Atom, Iris X1 Grand, Iris X1 Plus, Iris X8, KKT Lite+, KKT Prime, KKT12, KKT14+, KKT20, KKT20+, KKT20i, KKT21, KKT21+, KKT22, KKT22s, KKT24, KKT24s, KKT25, KKT27, KKT27+, KKT27i, KKT27S, KKT29+, KKT30, KKT34, KKT34+, KKT41, KKT42, KKT9+, LE9030 r5v, LH9810, LH9931, LN9810, LN9820, M23, Neo, P7+, Prime X, R3, R5S Play LF6810, Spark 10, Spark 244, Spark 250, Spark 285, Spark Icon, Spark10, v2s, V6+, W119, X1 Grand, X10, x11, X28 Plus, X38, X41, X41 Plus, X41+, X8, Z50, Z60, Z60E, Z60S, Z61, Z61 2Gb, Z61 Pro, Z61P, Z80E, Z90, Z91, Z92
Lawow: 2008, A200, S10, S20, T5
Lbtel: B1
LC: C5, U808
Lcphone: LC888
LDF: K9000
Le-Tide: 230
Leady: C506, GT6107, MM10, MM95, X105, X501
Leagoo: Alfa 8, Lead5, S8, T5C, T8s
Lecom: L6500, L800
LeEco: Le 2 Pro, S2 Plus
Leiniao: N800
Lemon: 212, 216, 329, 339, 401, 818, A3, B149, B159, B169, B201, B229, B319i, B411, B415, B529, B559, B819, Duo 215, IQ303, Lemo 210, Ocean 2, P102, P105, P12, S301, S401, S403
Lenosed: A781
Lenovo: 319, 688, A Plus A1010a20, A1000, A1000-G IdeaTab, A1000L, A1000m, A1000T, A2010-A, A2010a, A2016b30, A2020A40, A2020A40 Vibe, A2107A, A238T, A2800-D, A2800D, A3000 H, A316i, A319, A328, A330, A3300, A3300 GV, A332, A350, A3500 F-Tab A7 50, A369i, A388T, A390, A396, A399, A5000, A516, A536, A536, A539, A5600, A6000, A6000+, A6010, A6020a40, A6020A46, A606, A6600 d40, A6600A40, A7 L19111, A7000, A7000-A, A7000a, A7010a40, A7010A48, A7020A48, A766, A7700, A850, A858T, A889, B6000 HV, C2, E300, E307, E520, i510, i60, i706, i908, i909, IdeaTab A1000 G, K10 XT 2025 3, K3 Note, K3 Note K50a40, K30 W, K320T, K33, K33 Karate, k33a42, K5, K5 Play, K50, K50a40, K50A40, K51c78, K52 A48 A7020A48, K53, K6 Note, K6 Note K53a48, K8, K8 Note, K8 Note XT1902-3, K8 Plus, K8+, K9, L18011, L18081, P1MA40, P1ma40, P50, P612, P618, P70-A, P708, P710, PB1 750M, PB2 670M, Phab 2 PB2 650M, R3000, S1-L40, S1a40, S1La40, S5, S533, S60-T, S600, S6000-H, S62, S650, S660, S820, S850, S850A, S880i, S898T, S960, Shark 32, Tab 10 TB-X103F, Tab 2 A7 30HC, Tab 3 710I, Tab 3-7 Essential tb3 710i, Tab 7 TB-7504X, Tab 7504X, Tab 7504X, TAB-A7 30HC, TAB-X103F, Tab2A7, TB-7104I, TB-7304F, TB-7304F, TB-7304i, TB-7304N, TB-7305F, TB-8504X, TB-X103F, TB2-X30F, TB3 730M, TB3-710I, TB3-730X, TB3-730X S033, Tb7504F, Tb7504x, V707, V800, Vibe C A2020a40, Vibe K5 A6020a40, Vibe P1M, Vibe P1m a40, Vibe P1ma40, YT3 850M, Zuk Z1
Lephone: A10, A110, A2, F300, F800, K1, K3, M75, P1, W2, W2, W7S
Leree: Coolpad R116
Leson: TVE71
LeTide: 230
Letv: S2, S2 X526
LFY: LS-5016, LS-5018
LG: 300G, A120, A155, A165, A290, B2000, B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, B2150, B2250, B525, C1100, C1150, C1200, C2200, C2500, C2600, C3300, C3310, C3320, C3400, C360, C399, D100, D160, D170, D213n, D295, D315s, D325, D370TR, D415, D724, D858hk, F2250, F2400, F320K, F320L, F460K, F470K, F520, F540S, F620L, F670S, F690L, F750k, Flex2 H955, G1800, G2 D800, G2 D802, G3, G3 D850, G3 F400K, G3 LGD855, G4 H811, GB100, GB101, GB102, GB105, GB106, GB107, GB108, GB109, GB125, GB160, GB160a, GB160b, GB165, GB170, GB190, GB190a, GB190b, GPro2 F350L, GS190, GS200, GS205, GX200, H320, H324, H324T, H324TR, H326, H326G, H326TV, H340n, H343, H420, H420F, H422, H422T, H422TV, H502f, H631, H635, H815, H845, K10, K10, K10 4G S670S, K10 K430, K20, K220ds, K330, K350N, K410, K420, K420ds, K430, K51 K500UM, K52 LM-K520HM, K520DY Stylish 2, K530, K550, K7 K330, KE260, KE600, KE770, KE800, KE820, KE850, KE970, KF301, KF600, KG110, KG120, KG130, KG180, KG190, KG195, KG200, KG208, KG210, KG220, KG225, KG240, KG245, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG280, KG285, KG288, KG289, KG290, KG291i, KG295, KG296, KG300, KG320, KG370, KG375, KG70, KG90N, KM330, KM335, KP100, KP105, KP106, KP107, KP108, KP109, KP110, KP112, KP115, KP130, KP135, KP170, KP199, KP200, KP202, KP202i, KP210a, KP215, KP215A, KP220, KP230, KP233, KP235, KP320, L23AT, L342i, L343i, LM Q510N, LS450, LS675, LS751, LS755, LS980, M-X420EMW, M250, M250i, M700DSK Q6, ME770, ME850, ME970, MG100, MG101, MG105, MG110, MG120, MG125, MG160, MG161, MG165, MG170, MG180, MG225, MG230, MG235, MG280, MG296, MG320, MG370, MS631, Q Stylus+, Q6 LM-525ZA, Q6 M700, Q7 LM-Q610EM, Q730AM, Risio 4 LM K300CMR, S310, Stylus 2 K520, UK410, V10 G961N, V33, W10 Alpha, X-Power F750K, X-Power K220dsZ, X-Power LS755, X-Power MK6P55, X147, X230, X330T, X335, X510L X5 2018, X6 LM X625N, XPower
LHomme Moderne: Lexibook MFC415FR
Lian-Sheng: L995
Lianke: P100
Libercell: KT400, KT500, KT8800
Life: DST01
Linq: X100, X300
Lion: 12, 7, 8
Lipiec: T800
LiteTel: LT4501
Lixin: 5800, E80, E85, G2
Lobster: 485, 544, 575, S621
Logic: M3
Logicom: La-Tab 115, Le Posh 170, Le Smooth FR, LeMoov
LongTel: E3, S800, S88
LongXing: M3
Lontin: 8820, E69, E71, E71i, RH165 E71i
Louis: A502, V168
Louis-Yuitton: T658
Lovito: M23
LT: X5
LT-Mobile: C3500
LUNA: 8600, 8600d, N688
Luxury: G851
Luxus: E71
LV: TY450
LVTel: L8, V6
LX-Mobile: 007, TV
LYF: F10Q, F120B, F211S, F271i, F41T, F61F, F81E sc8830, Jio F61F, LF 2403N, LS 4006, LS 4505, LS 4505, LS 5005, LS 5009, LS 5010, LS 5013, LS 5016, LS 5017, LS 5018, LS 5020, LS 5502, LS 5504, LS-4006, LS-4008, LS-4503, LS-5013, LS-5506, Water 11, Water 7, Water 7s LS 5507, Water 9, Wind 1
M&G: KD86
M-Best: X2-02
M-Horse: M1, Mini, S51
M-Tech: Lotus, Opal, Pulto, Star+
Mach: 5630
Mafe: M815
Magic: A100
Magicon: MG444
Magicon-Harmony: MG901
Magnus: Bravo Z10
Mahi: V2
Malata: Lopp P07, M696, MT118, MZ280, T256
Mango: S5
Mann: Zug S ip67
Mapple-Mobile: 201
Mark: 5010
Marlax: MX107 Pro
Masster: C116
Matrix: M1, M2, N82m, X100
MaxCom: MM128, MM128 Blue, MM132, MM320, MM7201, MS450, MS453, MS505, MS553
Maxicell: 6730
Maximis: M19, M32
Maximus: 115c, EX60, EX75, IX, M203m, M226m, M229m, M266S, M88, Max 908, Max 911, Max14, Max15, Max300, Max402, Max408, Max901, Max903, Max905, Max908, MX100, P7, R1 Pro, S70, T44, VJoy
Maxtcl: K94
Maxtel: G10, K24, K48, K81, Max 20
Maxtron: MG165, MG186, MG278
Maxwest: Orbit 6300
Maxwin: Mega 8
Maxwood: L1, L4
Maxx: 2, 421, 845, A177, AX40, AX5, AX8 Race, G2, G2, G2, M2, Mega 4, MQ340, MQ430, MSD7, MX101, MX118, MX122, MX124, MX167, MX1801i, MX240, MX245, MX3, MX304, MX316, MX322, MX333, MX335, MX404, MX425, MX435, MX463, MX468, MX470, MX480, MX488, MX4e, MX5, MX513, MX533, MX534, MX552, MX713, MX745, MX845, T110
MaxxMobile: 110
MBD: M4000
MBM: 1168i, 5138i, S95, S96
MD: 399TSIP, 455TSIP, 460TSIP, 462CPU, 465TSIP, 475TSIP
MDB: M8000
Mebaya: A18
Mediacom: M-SP10HXxH, SmartPad Hx
Medion: 2860, Lifetab S10334, MD-95100, MDMP1200
Megafon: CP10, Login+, Login2, S4, TDM15
MegaGate: 2610, 6310, 6600, K510, T400, T960, T980, X5, X7
Megaget: T960
Megatec: Luxe
Megatek: M100
Megatel: M16+
Meidea: E66, Y1000, Y300
Meitu: V6
Meiye: N82, Q7, Q8
Meizu: C9, C9 Pro, M1, M10, M2 Note, M3, M3 Note, M3S, M5, M5 Note, M5 Note Flyme, M571H, M5c, M6, M8 M813H, M811H, U10
Melbon: M2, MB-606M
MeMobile: L100, L101, Metal 200, Metal M100, P1, Power 3000, Power 4000, Power 5000i
Mercury: Maestro, ST3
MessagePhone: QS150
Metfone: Closer, MF6201
Metom: M201, M20IV, M20TV, M28, M39, MT309, N11, N81, N82 TV, N87, N89, T300
Mex: MX14BS, N95, N97
MFU: 6800, M1, V200
Mi: 200, 250e
Micro: M11
Micromax: 511x, A064, A065, A065, A066, A067, A068, A069, A074, A082, A089, A092, A093, A096, A101, A102, A102 Doodle 3, A104, A106, A107, A108, A109, A110, A110 Q, A110Q, A114, A115, A116, A116i, A117, A120, A177, A190, A200, A240, A25, A250, A290, A310, A315, A46, A47, A58, A63, A66, A67, A69, A72, A74, A76, A77, A88, A89, A91, A92, A93, A96, A99, AD3520, AD4500, AQ4101, B5 pro, Bharat 2 Q402, Bharat 3 Q437, Bharat 5, Bharat 5 B5, Bolt Q300, C2A, Canvas 110, Canvas 6 E485, Canvas Gold A300, Canvas HD, D200, D303, D320, D321, D333, E311, E313, E352, E451, E460, E471, E4815, E483, E581, E930, F666, Funbook Duo, G4, GC255, GC256, GC257, GC275, GC400, iOne, M116, M2, N8216, Neo 4, P365, P410i, P470, Q1, Q1+, Q2, Q3, Q3+, Q324, Q326, Q326, Q327, Q332, Q332, Q334, Q335, Q336, Q340, Q345, Q346, Q350, Q352, Q352, Q355, Q3555, Q371, Q372, Q380, Q383, Q386, Q392, Q400, Q4002, Q402, Q402 sc8830, Q402 Ultra, Q402+, Q409, Q409, Q4101, Q412, Q413, Q414, Q415, Q416, Q417, Q4202, Q4204, Q424, Q4251, Q426, Q426+, Q427, Q427+, Q4310, Q4310, Q440, Q440, Q450, Q461, Q465, Q469, Q5, Q50, Q5FB, Q6, Q7, Q75, Q80, S300, S301, Spark Q415, Tab P680, X008, X072, X084, X085, X088, X090, X091, X095, X096, X097, X099i, X101, X103i, X112, X113, X114, X115, X116, X117, X118, X11i, X122, X1i, X1i Xtra, X1i+, X1u, X200, X2050, X210, X211, X212, X215, X220, X222, X225, X226, X228, X230, X234C, X235, X2420, X247, X249, X250, X251, X252, X253, X254, X258, X260, X261, X262, X263, X264, X265, X267, X270, X272, X280, X281, X2814, X282, X285, X287, X295, X2i, X2i+, X3020, X310, X321, X328, X329, X330, X332, X332 TV, X337, X340, X351, X352, X353, X360, X361, X367, X368, X370, X395, X396, X414, X445, X446, X450, X455, X455i, X456, X458, X485, X50, X500, X501, X505, X507, X510, X511, X555, X560, X600, X602, X700, X751, X800
MicroPhone: X6
Micxon: CTV-810, MTV800, S600
Mideia: Y100
Midi: MD-602
Mifaso: X1
Mikki: C90
Ming-Xing: A008
MingXing: A008
Mini: 6600, Elink8312c, G2, G89, i9
Mint: F1CR, Leo, m3cr, VirGo 8.1.0
MiOne: Hero 5, i7s Plus, M1, Q10, Q11, R1, R3
Mito: 111, 1868, 2000, 2018, 222, 260, 266GG, 288GG, 302
MiWang: M1
Mixcon: S908
MJ-Phone: M9200
MJPhone: M1000, M7500, Mini M1000
MLS: Angel Lite 3G, iQ1435, iQ1452, iQ1804, iQ5017, iQM1001
MMD: Z43
MMobile: P12
Mobiado: 105
Mobicel: Astro, Astro 8.1.0, Beam, Berry 1, Berry Plus, Blink, Candy, Clika, Dandy, Ego, Fame, Geo, Glo, Hyper, Ice, M3, Neo 1 4G, Oreo, Plum Tab, Pulse 1, R1, R1 Plus, R1+, R6, R7, Rebel, Retro, Rio SS, Ruby, S3511, Star, Titan, Trendy 2, Trendy Plus, U4, Ultra, V2, V4, Vibe, X4, X4, Zoom, Zoom H
Mobiley: NR1
Mobility: NG1
Mobiola: MB1500
Mobistar: C1 Lite, X1
MobiStart: B211
Mobistel: EL420 Dual, EL570, EL600Dual
MobiWire: Ahiga, F2, Halona, Kahona, MobiGo 2, Mobiprint Terminal, Rise 55
Mobo: H45, H7, M9
Modelabs: Airness Slide99, Elite, MyWay Slim, MyWay Touch, V-Slide, V-Touch
Mogli: Fox1
Moille: ZTC ZT588
Mojo: C200, Chat
Momentum: M35 Castor
Monix: X281
More: Z800
Morep: M-173B, M610DS, Mavic 10, Mavic Plus M610, Smart V1 Plus
Moroccan: Accent Eagle 3G
Moses: V670
Motocom: C500
Motolaro: 520
Motorcla: V80
Motorola: C XT-1754, C113a, C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118, C119, C121, C122, C123, C136, C137, C138, C139, C140, C141c, C155, C156, C157, C168, C168i, C257, C261, Droid turbo, E-4 Plus, E3 Power XT1706, E365, E4, E4, E4 Plus, e5 plus, E6, E7 Power, F3, F3-unlock, FX900P, G22, G6 Play XT1922-10, G8 Power, Moto C Plus XT1723, Moto C XT1750, Moto E4 Plus XT177, Moto G8 Play XT2015-2, One Macro XT2016-1, One Macro XT2016-2, V170, V171, V172, V173, V175, V176, V177, V690, V872, V878, W150, W150i, W170, W170C, W200, W205, W208, W209, W210, W212, W215, W218, W220, W355, W370, W375, W376, W377, WX160, WX161, WX180, WX181, WX260A, WX260X, WX265, WX280, WX288, WX290A, WX290X, WX295A, WX295X, WX390, WX395, XT1080, XT1092 SND801, XT1254, XT1528, XT1562 X Play, XT1609, XT1663, XT1676, XT1700, XT1706, XT1761, XT1762, XT1765, XT1767, XT1770, XT1771, XT1774, XT1804 g5s, XT2025-2
Movic: Hero 3
Moviephone: FA6
Movil: M108
Movistar: 731, Epikone K605, Match, Onda, R791, Urban
Movitel: M6235, M8404, M8409, M8415, M8416, M8418, M8419, M8423, M9102B, M9103, M9104, M9106, M9107, M9109, M9110
Mox: MO778, MO800, MO875, MO875+
Mox-Mo: 698
MP4: 2000, 6188, O2 Mini, O2R, O2S, O2S Dopod, PDA K18
MPEG4: 2000, 3000, 3200, 3210, 3300, 3320, 4000, 4100, A968, K1, P888, T698
MPMobile: M02
MS-Mobile: D1
MTC: Smart Race 4G, Start2
MTech: Disco, L1
MTK: MT228
MTN: 8978P, Buzz C390, M06, S620, Smart-S720i
MTS: 140, 352, 535, 547, 635, 982T, Basic, M100, Qwerty, Smart Start
MTV: N73, N97, N99
Much: D800, DS-850
Muphone: M1000, M230, M290
Muse: 790
Muzak: N88
MVL: G81
My: G660
Mycell: Alien-SX3, iRON4, P2, SX4
MyPhone: 1070, 3350, 3370, 6650, 6651, 6670, 6691, 8830TV, 8870, A818i, B21, B22, B23, B23 Duo, B25, B50, B50c, B71, B88 TV, C-Smart Pix, Fun 5, MS28 Duo, My A9 DTV, My11i, My28s, MY31, MY81DTV, MyA10, MyA11i, MyA16, MyA5, Q19, Q21, Q22 Duo, Q88 Duo, QT7, Rio, Rio Fun V2, S21, S22 Duo, T1 DTV, T11, T12 Duo, T13 Duo, T22, T22 Duo, T23 Duo, T29 TV Duo, T52
My_Way: Modelabs Slim, MW100, MW200, Touch
Naide: K1, K2
Nakashi: Nk888
Napoli: NPL-777
Narnia: 8088, V6
Nasaki: B2, B9, G5, G9, M505, M606, M7, NK-880, NK630, NK880
Navon: Mizu D402
Nckia: 3100, 5600i, 5610i, 5700+, 7390, E95, M5700, M5700+, N77, N77i, N78, N78c, N95, N95 8Gb, N97, N98, N99, XpressMusic 5610S
Nec: E101, E121, E122, N200, N208, N342i, N343i, N344i, N650i, N910, N916, N917, N919
NECcom: A007, A0078, A6, N880, N990, N990+
Neffos: TP904A
Nektel: C7000
Neoi: 809
Neoniq: NQT 1013GIQ
Nerys: N330
Nestel: 112, N110, N6
Neutab: Air 7
New-Sun: N18
NewGen: C1000, C610, C620, C650, C710, C800, E1000, E1100, E1200, Mars, S410, T1000
Newrone: i8
NewStar: X9988
Newtone: NTi8, Q6
Nex: Mini
Nexcel: E71
Nexcom: NC328, NC689
Nexcon: NC689
Nexian: G500, NX-G381i, NX-G503, NX-G505, NX-G522, NX-G700, NX-G788, NX-G801, NX-G868, NX-G900, NX-G901, NX-G911, NX-G922, NX-G923, NX-T780, NX-T900, NX-T911
Next: 809, 809-TV
NGM: Alittle, BlackAngel, DG689, Enjoy, Mito, Pixy, Vanity, Vanity Touch, Vanity Young
Nippon: Tablet NT-S1
NJStar: L1100
Nkiac: F168
Noal: X2-05
Nobel: V8000
Noca: T856, T856 W88 PDA
Nokeir: N768
Nokela: A2000
Nokia: 108, 1202, 1203, 1208, 1209, 1255, 1650, 1661, 1661-2b, 1662, 1680c-2b, 215, 215 4G, 220, 2220s, 225, 230, 2320c-2b, 2330c, 2330c-2, 2600c-2b, 2610, 2610b, 2630, 2630c, 2660 Flip, 2680s, 2680s-2, 2720a-2, 2760, 2760h, 3, 3 TA-1020, 5030c, C1 2nd Edition TA-1380, RM-1035 130, RM-1134 105, RM-969 220, TA-1003 6, TA-1033 6, TA-1047 1 [FRT], TA-1060 1 [FRT], TA-1111 1+ [ANT], TA-1123 1+ [ANT], TA-1127 1+ [ANT], TA-1130 1+ [ANT], TA-1131 1+ [ANT], TA-1165 C1, TA-1174 105, TA-1179 2.2, TA-1183 2.2, TA-1188 2.2, TA-1191 2.2, TA-1194 2.3, TA-1203 105, TA-1204 C2, TA-1206 2.3, TA-1209 2.3, TA-1211 2.3, TA-1214 2.3, TA-1233 C2, TA-1239 C3, TA-1264 215 4G, TA-1270 2.4, TA-1272 215 4G, TA-1274 2.4, TA-1275 2.4, TA-1277 2.4, TA-1279 225 4G, TA-1284 215 4G, TA-1292 C3, TA-1298 C3, TA-1305 8000-4G, TA-1311 8000-4G, TA-1322 1.4, TA-1334 G10, TA-1336 G20, TA-1342 C10, TA-1347 G20, TA-1352 C20, TA-1357 C30, TA-1359 C30, TA-1360 C30, TA-1365 G20, TA-1369 C30, TA-1377 C30, TA-1385 105 4G
Nokier: F768
Nokig: N82, N97
Nokla: 1112, 3808, D328, E90, E92, N71, N72, N72c, N73 PDA, N77, N78, N79, N95, N95 2sim, N958, N959, N96, N96c, N96i, N97, N98, Q700, V98
Nomi: i4510, i5010
Nono: N1220
Nony: 216, E71, E71+, S208, S212, S235, S311, S3111, S325, S332
Nova: N800
Nove: N800
Novo: C501, N717i, ST200
Nubia: M2 Lite NX573J
Nuu: A4L N5001L, G3-N5702L, Z8
O Nice: I-Touch M1
O2: Jet(J1), O2X1B, O2X1I, O2X2i, O2X3, O2X4, O2X7, O2XLI
O3: 818, 828, 829, 838
Oaintel: E88, V88
OALE: CC2, P1, X1, X2, X3, XS2 LTE, XS2 Pro
Oalex: X4
Obee: 007, 007i, 680, K399, N78
Obi: S401, S502, S550, SJ1-5
Ocean: F3000
Octenn: T1100, T1130, T1201, T134
Odin: 295, E66, P1000
Okapia: Alo, Epic, Storm
Okia: E79, N9
Ola: C515
Olive: VG200, VG300, VG3000, VG3100, VG3200, VG3201, VG400, VG500, VG800, VG8000, VGc800
Olympia: Viva
Omes: M3312, M500, W598
Omnipotence: Micky
Onda: N130T, N131, N213
One: Mini Quad Band
OnePlus: 3, 3 A3003 9 Pie, 3T, 5, A0001, A5010, Nord 2 5G, Nord N20 SE CPH2469, One A0001, X
Onetouch: T10
Onida: C628, F830, F910, G430, G460, G520, G610, I4G1, i501, V105, V110, V115, V140, W1110
oooooo: C99, E99, N99
Opal: 4L, 4L007, G7, G900, i5, i9500
Ophone: Oze 4, X300
OPlus: O+8.52
Oppo: 1100, 630i, A109, A11K CPH2083, A11W, A12 CPH2083, A15 CPH1285, A15 CPH2185, A15s CPH2179, A16 CPH2269, A1601, A16e CPH2421, A16K CPH2349, A1k CPH1923, A303, A31 CPH2015, A32 CPH2031, A33F, A37, A37F, A37FW, A37M, A37W, A388, A400, A53, A53, A54 CPH2239, A55 CPH1909, A55 CPH2325, A57 CPH1701, A59, A59S, A5s CPH1909, A71, A71 CPH1717, A7X PBBM00, A83 CPH1729, A83js, A83JS CPH1729, A83T, A9 CPH1938, A91 CPH2021, A93 CPH2121, AX5s, CPH2325, F11 CPH1911, F11 Pro CPH1969, F15 CPH2001, F15 Pro, F17 Pro, F17 Pro CPH2119, F19 Pro, F1F, F1S, F1S A1601, F3, F3 CPH1609, F3 Plus, F3 Plus CPH1611, F5 CPH1723, F5 CPH1723, F7 CPH1819, F9 CPH1823, F9 Pro CPH1823, Find5, Mirror 3, N3, N5116, Neo 5, R1001, R2001, R2017, R7 PlusF, R827, R831K, R9s CPH1607, R9S Plus CPH1611, Reno 3 CPH2043, Reno 3 Pro CPH2035, Reno 5 Pro 5G, Reno 6 5G, Reno Z PCDM10, Reno2 F CPH1989, Reno2 Z CPH1945, X9009, Y90
Opsson: A10, IVO 6677
Optus: X-Visit
Orange: Amsterdam, Dallas, Hollywood, Lisbon, Miami, Nalongo, Panama, Rio, Rome, San-Fransisco, Sydney, Tokyo, TR1, V101, Vegas
Orinoquia: G5580, G6600
Orion: 900DS, 903, 909, 910DS
Orro: C76
Oukitel: C10 Pro, K15 Pro, K5000, U20 Plus, U7, U7 Plus
Ouzrs: M1
Overtech: OT-09
Ovione: M600
Pagaria: P2757, P72, P9045
Panasonic: A100, A101, A102, A200, A210, A500, Eluga, Eluga A2, Eluga ARC2, Eluga I, Eluga i2, Eluga I2, Eluga I3, Eluga I3 Mega, Eluga P91, Eluga Prim, Eluga Prime, Eluga Ray 800, Eluga Switch, Eluga Tapp, EZ180, EZ240, G50, G51E, G51M, G60, G70, GD55, GD67, GD68, MX6, MX7, P100 1gb, P101, P31, P41, P55, P55 Novo, P55 Novo 4G, P71, P75, P85, P88, SA6, SA7, SC3, T40, T44, VS2, VS3, VS6, VS7, X100, X200, X300, X400, X500, X60, X66, X68, X70, X700, X701, X77, ZE240
Panasonio: N75, V2000, V4000, V5000, V5100, V6000
Panda: 2008, 66, 67, Olympic, Olympic Summer, T31
Pantech: C120, C180, C3, C320, C3B, C600, C610, C630, C740 Matrix, C790 Alladin Duo, C810 Duo, C820 Matrix Pro, G3900, G800, G900, GB300, P1010, P2000 Breeze II, P2020 Ease, P2030, P5000, P6010, P7000 Impact, P7040 Link, P7040P, P8000 Crossover, P9020 Pursuit, P9050 Laser, PG-1000, PG-1200, PG-1210, PG-1400, PG-1405, PG-1410, PG-1500, PG-3000, PG-3200, PG-3210, PG-3500, PG-3600, PG-3810, PG-6100, PG-C300, PN210
Panther: Q777+
Papaphone: PP7
Pawan: 2975
PCD: CL1133, CL1135, CL1136EN, CLX100PR, GLPF1114MX, GPF1134CA, GPFL1238CW, GTX212, PL550, TTX28MX
PDA: C99+
Peace: G105, Z1
Pegasus: E3
Pel: C2, C60, C68, C908
Penta: T-PAD K706, WS-704Q, WS704c, WS707, WS708C
Pesung: N998+
Phicomm: C6051, E5051
Philips: 192, 199, 290, 292, 298, 390, 568, 580, 768, 960, CT7688, E100, E210, E580, F322, F511, K700, M200, S200, S220, S260, S308, S326, S660, S800, S880, S890, V387, W732, X100, X116, X170, X216, X223, X312, X325, X501, X503, X513, X518, X605, X620, X623, X703, X710, X800, X806, X830, Xenium 9@9u, Xenium 9@9w
Phoenix: P2000, PD55, PD57
Piaget: CE666
PierreCardin: GM118
Piglet: L4
Plaisio: Fire 4G
Planet: E3, M1, V2
Platinium: E71i, G11+
Platinum: Mini
PlayboyPhone: PB01X
Players: P718
PlayTab: M7
Plum: Z518, Z550
PocketSurfer: PS5x
Polaroid: PRO4544PWE01, Tab
Polytro: R2507i
Pomp: F89, F98
Porsche: Cayenne
Powerpack: TC-107, TC-1GSM, TC-2GSM, TC-BT3, TC-BT7, TC-TV-168, TC-TV-178, TCG-8801, TCGS-218, TCGS-8806, TCGS-8818, TCGS-8888, TCTV-278, TCTV-438
PowerTel: M6000
Premier Code: DS-BD1
PremierCel: 3045tv
Premio: P450, P700, S51
Prestigio: E1180, PMT3157 3G, PSP3471 Duo, PSP3507, PSP3508 Duo, PSP3510 Duo, PSP5504 Duo, Tab PMT4111 3G
Prime: P1
Primo: RX7
Prince: T760
Pritel: P16
Privileg: TV2 Focus, TV3 wifi, X2 Joy, X6, X7
Priviler: TV3 wifi
Prolink: F1000
Proscan: PLT7100g
Pulid: D1689
Q-Tab: Q100, Q1000, Q1100, Q300, Q400, Q800, Q850, V6
Q-Titano: Bos
Qbest: Q380-B
Qiao-Shong: QS840, QS880
QiaoSheng: QS840, QS880
Qilive: Q7T7Ink
Qisheng: P83 TV
Qlinks: Q60
QMobile: 117, 151 2019, 212, 3310 Mini, 3G1, 3G5, 4G+, A10, A11, A110, A115, A12, A120, A15, A170, A2, A20, A290, A300, A34, A36, A400, A5 Classic, A50, A500, A51, A55, A550, A6, A6 Noir, A60, A600, A610, A63, A65, A650, A7, A70, A700, A75, A750, A8, A80, A8i, A9, A900, A900i, A910, A950, A96, B100, B120, B170, B18, B25, B255, B260, B45, B5, B500, B55, B6, B60, B600, B65, B70, B8, B80, B800, B85, B90, Battery Ka Sultan, Black Two, Blue 5, Blue 5, Bolt T480, C10, C12, C15, C3, Commando 2, D1, D10, D2, D3, D4, D6, Dhoom Trio, Diamond 1, Double, Dual One, E10, E100, E1000, E1000 Party, E11, E120, E125, E150, E16, E18, E195, E2, E2 Noir, E20, E200, E2000, E3 Dual, E4, E4 Plus, E4-X, E40, E400, E400 Pro, E440, E5, E50, E500, E500, E6, E6 Pro, E60, E600 Music 2020, E600 Music V3, E740, E750, E755, E760, E770, E775, E787i, E790, E8, E85, E850, E850+, E860, E875, E880, E890, E9, E90, E900, E95, E990, Eco 200, Eco 200 Classic, Eco1, Energy X1, Energy X2, F1, F22, F220, F23, F252, F363, F55, F6 V2, F680, Fancy 5, Fire, Fire Plus, FireLight, G100, G120, G15 Music, G175, G200, G220, G250, G3, G300, G400, G6, G6, G6, G6 Mini, G7, G7, Gabbar, Gabbar2, H40, HD Plus, HD Plus, Hero One, Hot Proa, HP Plus, HP Plus, i1, i10, i10 2019 QSmart, i10 2020, i10i Pro, i12, i2, i2 Power, I2 Pro, i4, i440, I5, i5 2019, I5.5, i5i, i5i 2018, i5i 2019, I5i Classic, i6, I6 Metal, i6 Metal, I6 Metal 1, i6 Metal 2017, i6 Metal 2017, i6 Metal 2018, I6 Metal HD, i6 Metal One, I6 Metal V2, I6i, i7, i71, I7i, i7i Pro, i8, i8i, i8i 2019, i8i Pro, i8i Pro, i8i Pro II, i9, i9, Infinity 11, Infinity B, Infinity C, Infinity E, Infinity E Lite, Infinix Slim, J1, J1000, J2000, J5, J5500, J7, J7 Pro, Jazz JS1, K100, K135, K135, K145, K150, K160, K170, K650, King-Kong Max, L1, L1 Classic, L103, L105, L106, L106, L113, L15, L1i Classic, L2, L20, L20 Pro Lite, L2i, L3, L3 Selfie V2, L4, L5 Classic, L7, L7, L8i, LT100, LT150, LT250, LT360, LT500, LT550, LT550, LT550, LT600 Pro, LT700 Pro, LT900, LT950, M1, M10, M100, M2, M20, M22, M3, M350, M350, M400, M450, M5, M500, M550, M700, M80, M800, M82i, M82i, M88, M88, M9, M90, M900, M95, M95 V1, M99, Max4, ME114, Metal Icon, N230, N230, N333, Night, Night Club, Noi A650, Noir, Noir A290, Noir I5, Noir I6I, Noir i7i Pro, Noir LT500, Noir LT700, Noir M95, Noir S1 Lite, Noir S5, Noir W80, Noir X2, Noir X30, Noir Z8, Noir-I6I, P20 Plus, Paris, Paris, Phantom P1, Phantom P2 Max, Phantom P2 Pro, Phantom P40, Power 1, Power 1 Pro, Power 1000, Power 14, Power 4000, Power 6, Power 8, Power 8 v2, Power 9 Pro, Power2 Pro, Q Infinity B, Q Infinity C, Q Infinity C, Q Infinity E, Q Smart 4G, Q Smart 4G Plus, Q-Infinity Prime, Q106, Q11, Q126, Q130, Q150, Q18, Q180, Q20, Q212, Q213, Q215, Q218, Q24, Q25, Q25i, Q26, Q266, Q26i, Q27, Q28, Q28i, Q29, Q3 Plus, Q33, Q3310 Mini, Q37, Q38, Q3i, Q4, Q400, Q510, Q55, Q61, Q63, Q66, Q73, Q8, Q88, Q99, QMini, QSmart Canopus, QSmart Gli Lite, QSmart i10 2020, QSmart i6i 2020, QSmart LT200, QSmart LT900, QSmart LT950, QSmart Mark 2, QSmart Rocket Lite, QSmart X20, QTab 2, Qtab Q50, QTab V100, R-395, R1000, R1100, R200, R250, R300, R3000, R350, R370, R390, R400, R500, R650, R740, R750, R800, R900, R900, Razar Z, Rocket, Rocket Pro, S1, S1 Lite, S1 Pro, S150, S2, S200, S250, S250 Plus v2, S3, S300, S4, S6, S6 plus, S6S, S8, S8 Plus, S9, Samba, Smart, Smart Power, SP3500, Star Music, Super Phone SP2000, Super Rock, T200, T250, T360, T400, T5, T50, T500, T550, T630, Touch 2, Tube Light, Tubelight, V2, V20 Pro, V4, V5, View, W15, W20, W20, W200, W35, W50, W50, W50, W7, W8, X1, X100, X11, X150, X2, X2, X2 Music, X200, X220, X225, X25, X250, x29, X2i 3F, X3, X30, X30 V3, X300, X32, X32 Power, X32 V2, X33, X35, X36, X36, X36, X36, X36 7.0, X4, X400, X450, X5, X500, X550, X6, X60, X600, X6i, X6i 3G, X7, X70, X700, X700 Pro, X700 Pro 2, X700 Pro II, X700 Pro Lite, X700 Pro-II, X700i, X7700 Pro, X80, X800, X90, X95, X950, XL 100, XL3000, XL50 Pro, XLi, Z10, Z12, Z12, Z12 Pro, Z14, Z14, Z3, Z4, Z4 Mini, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z8 Plus, Z9
QNet: S8 Plus
QPhone: Q50
Qruz: V1425
QSmart: 4G Plus, 4G+, Gli, GLi Lite, i10 2019, i5i 2019, LT200, X40
QTab: 200, Q300, Q50, Q850, V1 Pro 312A, V100, V2 2018 312A, V200, V3 Plus, V500
Quantum: Q-Wave 70M2, Tab Q Wave 71M
Quitel: C8
Rage: 35g, Ace, Bold 2400, Bravo, Magic 40BX, Magic Swift, Octaone 5.0, Optima Smart G40, Rapid, RD120, RU 2000 TV, Silk, Storm, Thunder+
Rainbow-mts: S189
Range: RD110
Rangs: D2, J4, J5, S100
Rastar: RZ770g
Raylan: D1, Phoenix H1 Plus, Phoenix N1
Reach: RD330, RD60, RT-15i
Realme: 1 CPH1859, 3 RMX1821, 3 RMX1821EX, 3 RMX1825, 6, 6 RMX2001, 6i RMX2040, 8, 8 RMX3085, C1 RMX2189, C11 2021 RMX3231, C11 2021 RMX3231, C11 RMX3231, C12 RMX2189, C15 RMX2180, C2 RMX1941, C21 RMX3201, C21Y RMX3261, C21Y RMX3263, C25s, C25s RMX3195, C25Y RMX3265, C25Y RMX3269, C3 RMX2020, C30 RMX3581, C31 RMX3501, C35 RMX3511, Narzo 50a, U1
RedStar: 901, 902-TV, 910
Reeder: M7 Go 2019, P13 Blue
RegeBold: 2401
Rel: HT16
Reliance: Classic 7310, Classic 7610
Rex: P990
Richmax: S17
Richtech: K61
RichTel: A VE 07
Ritmix: RMD-753
Rivo: A250, B-10, F100, Mi4i, Neo N310, Phantom PZ10, Phantom PZ15, PZ100, Rhytm RX-40, Rhytm RX-60, Rhytm RX-65, Rhytm RX-90, Rx100, RX40, Rx48, RX55, Rx65, Rx75, RX88, S500, S620, Sapphire S600, X40
Rivo-Mobile: Classic C110, R40
Robuste: ES712
Rocker: R111, R513i, RX15, V104
Rocktel: S239
Rocky: 2008
Rokca: R5570
Rokea: 007, R222, R3
Rokia: R212
Rolex: HK010, K8
RoverPhone: X5
Royal: S3588
RuiTel: 6233
Ryte: U55 Core
Safaricom: Neon Ray, Neon Ray Pro
Safeer: 8800
Sagem: my150x, my220v, my220x, my225x, my226
Sagetel: Vibe 4G KaiOS
Salyelisomw: 598
Sambao: K709, N78, N78i, N87, N95, N97
Samd: 900, 908, 918
Samkung: TV168
Samoi: T818
Sampo: GK8800
Samsking: V11, V12, V21, V21i
Samsong: E318
Samsonic: U800+
Samsunc: U800, U900, W579
Samsung: 110E, A32LTE, A56, B110E, B300, B310E, B350e, C140, C140i, C260, C260M, C266, C300, C7000, E1200r, E1200Y, E1205Y, E1215, E1282T, E900, G5308W, G530H, G532F, Galaxy Tab 7 M706, GT-B310E, GT-B313E, GT-E1200i, GT-E1200R, GT-E1202i, GT-E1207y, GT-E1270, GT-E1272, GT-E1280, GT-E1280T, GT-E1282T, GT-E2200, GT-E2202, GT-I9082, I8262, I8551, I9060, J5, J700h, N900, SCH-B139, SCH-B189, SCH-B239, SCH-B259, SCH-B279, SCH-B309, SCH-B319, SCH-B379, SCH-B399, SCH-B619, SCH-E159, SCH-F302, SCH-F309, SCH-F679, SCH-S189, SCH-S229, SCH-S259, SCH-S269, SCH-S279, SCH-S299, SCH-S339, SCH-X609, SM-910U, SM-A013G, SM-A022F, SM-A103g, Sm-A107F, SM-A107F A10s, SM-A107F U8, SM-A107M A10s, SM-A125F A12, SM-A215U A21, SM-A225F, SM-A226B, SM-A226B A22-5G, SM-A325M, SM-A415F A41, SM-E426B F42 5G, SM-G5308W, SM-G532F, SM-G5500, SM-G920F Galaxy S6, SM-M013F, SM-M017F, SM-T225 Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, X120, X140
Sands: A203, A203i, A209, A303, A303i, A8, P908
Sanei: N60
Sang-Teng: Q7, Q7+, Q8+
Sanke: S1
Sanno: 268, 6618, A88, L3, N82y, N96i, N97, N97i, N98, N98k, T008, T628+
Sansui: Nitro x6331, S40, S45, S455120, S48, S7043G, SA4011, V847, V909, V919, V929
Sanxing: E415, E70, E78, V52
Sany-Ericsson: W810i
Sanyo: S750
Satabi: 1101, 2702, 2sim, 5102
ScellPhone: TG01
Schauen: N16
SCiPhone: G2, i68, i68+, i69+, i86, i9+++, i99+, L88, S18
Scny-Ericoson: X5
Scny-Esicsson: K808
ScnyEricsscn: U80
Scool: TZ209HIFI
Seatel: L2, V8A
SED: 838+, 950, AK606, AK606i, B908, B908 PDA, D968, DJ120, N08, N6128, S1000, SA833, V628, V630, V638, V639, V889, V890, X520, X688, X688 2sim, X689, X689+, X698, X716, X827, X941, Y690
Selecline: S2 2019
Semobi: T1
Sendtel: EV530, Q800
SeniorPhone: 1055
Sentel: 81
Senwa: S340
SerteC: X3
Seven: DR1, DS2, DS3, DS4
SFR: 101, 1080, 111, 114, 115, 116, 118, 121, 122, 123, 132, 151, 195, 227, 228, 228FM, 231, 232, 241, 242, 251, 251 Messenger Edition, 261, 341, 342, 343, 344, 3440, 522, Staraddict, Starnaute Noir, StarTrail Titanium
SharedPhone: SPI006
Sharp: Aquos M1, Aquos-M1
Shemers: D301, S2173+
Shen-Matel: V7+
Sheng-Bao: 98+
ShengBao: 98+, 98++, A1000
Siba: 2632
Siccoo: S5050
SICO: Express 3 Max, Plus 2, SSR3
Sict: GC007
Siemens: AP75, CFX65, CL75, SFG75, ST55, ST60
Sigma: 105, X-style 18 Track
Sigmatel: 3600, 5130, 6100, 6110, 7700, 800, 988+, E588, FXD, FXD-6100, FXD-9000, FXD-S22, FXD-S30, FXD-S77, FXD-T99i, FXD-TV60, H1, HXD-3600, HXD-6700, LXD, N77A, Q7, S1, S18, S2, S22, S3, S3+, S30, S30i, S33, S4, S400, S5, S500, S66, S76, S77, S7700, S7700 GPRS, S7700 non GPRS, S80, S80i, S81, S83, S88, S9, S90, S9000, S90i, S91, S92, S96, S98, Si, T2, T300, T33, T33+, T33i, T55, T66, T96, T99, T99+, T99i, V88, W333, W999
Sigsong: S520
Sillwanis: B7
SilverCrest: SH100
Silwanis: 6303, B777, X300
Simbao: A800, A888, A890, A898
Simcom: TPS390
Simoco: SM1000, SM1100, SM1200, SM234, SM298, SM322, SM366, SM377, SM399, SM466, SM488, SM498, SM499, SM611, SM633, SM700, SM966, SM988, SM999
Simtel: MStar
Simtelep: G-Star, Mstar
Singsong: S658
Sino: V66
Sinocom: K52
Sintel: Y6
Siragon: SP 5150
Sitronics: SM8190, SM8290, SMD-104, SMD-105
Sking: 7100, D501, G7100, I9080, N309, S5888, S8, X2
SKK-Mobile: Aura Spike, Phoenix+
Sky: Cool 3.5, Elite OctaMax, SK1
SkyBee: 83RY
Skyline: i6
SkyMIX: 100, 300
SkyPhone: 318, 606
Skyway: GC800
Skyworth: AK606, GMGB100, T508
Skyzen: EZ100, EZ1000, EZ200, EZ300, EZ400, EZ500, EZ600, EZ700, EZ800, Hummer HT2, N101, S3, S6, S8, ST1
Slidepad: NG-708
Slym: N718, N728, TV
Smadl: D31, N96i, S610
Smarj: S70
Smart: G831, G850, Leto II, S-400, S100, S200, S400, S701, V555, V555 TwinCamera, V570, V800, V810, V840
Smartfren: V3S PD6D1J
SmartGrand: L5581
Smartphone: TQ-K902
SmartWatch: DZ09, Q18
Smile: E6208, Q3, Q5, S1, Z3
Snexian: M5022
Snoy-Eriosscn: X5
Soda: Fire, Fire CSW1803, S1
Soho: G700a
Solo: ASPIRE 1C, Aspire-1C
Somtel: S2-03
Sonaki: S888
Song: A168, W668
SongLive: C2000, X1
Sonica: N8
Sony: E4i, X-bo V11, X-bo V3+, X-bo V6
Sony-Ericsson: J100i, J110a, J110i, J120i, J121i, J132, K200a, K200i, K205i, K220i, K330, R300, R306, T250i, T280i, T303, Z250a, Z250i, Z320i
Soon-Ersson: K520i, K530i, K610i, K620i
Sotel: C500, C5000, N82y+, N95Y, N95y+
Souiycin: S92g
SouthEast: 818
Spice: D80, D88, D88N, D90, F302, M3636, M4242, M4250, M4580, M4580DV, M5004, M5006, M5008, M5016, M5020, M5021, M5025, M5032, M5050, M5151, M5161, M5161n, M5162, M5163, M5200N, M5208, M5249, M5251, M5252, M5351, M5355, M5361, M5367, M5370, M5371, M5373, M5377, M5389, M5396, M5403, M5406, M5408, M5430, M5454, M5566, M5611, M5615, M5701, M5916, M5917, M5918, M5920, M6000, M6060, M6110, M6110n, M6111, M6262, M6363, M9010, M940, M940N, Mi 347, Mi 348e, Mi 354, Mi 356, Mi 358, Mi 359, Mi 362, Mi 401, Mi 402, Mi 403E, Mi 423, Mi 426, Mi 431, Mi 436, Mi 438, Mi 439, Mi 442, Mi 451, Mi 498, Mi 503, Mi 504, Mi 505, Mi 506, Mi 508, Mi 509, Mi 535, Mi 600, QT 44, QT-50, QT-52, QT-55, QT-58, QT75, S106, S106, S300, S400, S404, S404N, S410, S415, S450, S5, S500, S5110, S525, S530, S5330, S535, S540, S545, S555, S570, S580, S590, S600, S600N, S640, S650, S7, S700, S7000, S705, S707, S707n, S710, S8, S800, S808, S820, S9, S900, S920, S940, X1, Xlife 425, XLife 431Q
Sprint: 7700, 7710, D300, D44, P50, S60
Spyker: C8 Laviolette
SQ: 7700
ST-Mobile: S80
Star: B11, GPS X10, N8
Star-TV: GPS X10
StarLight: C Note, C Note Pro X, M06, Madrid, My Star X, Safari, Star Mini, Star Plus Omega, Star+, Star+, UMI G
StarMobile: Muse, Play Five, UpMax
Start: M11
Startech: ST21i, ST22, ST67, ST88
StarWorks: M448
Stoe: S400
Stone: S400, S700, S900
Storm: K52
Strawberry: Shine, SX Max
Stream: B1+, B1S, B1s S40285, HT28 B2Plus
Strike: T915PC
Stylo: Bold Plus, CP J89, F1, Flame, Ithemba, Life 2 DHP99, S40 Vino, s50 Bold, S64 Alpha
Suaahoo: S709
Subini: MG532
Sucee-Tong: 908, 918, 928, 928i, 998
Sucom: X279
Sugar: Y12s
Suiya: SY-08, SY-88
Sumsang: 840, QS840
Sumtab: K101
Sun: N86, N87, N87i, N98, N99
Sunberry: S55
SunCorp: A68
Sunforce: K600, K600i, K800, K800i
Sunlup: DM8801
Sunpa: S200
Sunrise: T868
SunSky: S27
Sunstech: Tab 10 DualC
Suntec: E592
Suntek: A200
Suny-ericssom: Cyber Shot P999, K770, K900
SunyEricssun: T707
SuperFone: SF 9080
Supertab: R10-3G KRC1034, S7
Surfing: Tab-C 3G
SVA: F08
Svmsunc: i908
Swaahoo: S709, S93, S95, S96, S97
Swatch: M300, Nova N800
Swatch-Mobile: M300
Swipe: Elite 2 plus, Elite Plus, Elite Power, Elite Star, Konnect 4E, Konnect 4EPL, Konnect 4EV2, Konnect 5.1 Eco, Konnect Star
Symphony: A70, B12, B2, B2i, B31i, B32, B32i, B3i, B9, BL50, C100, C105, D24, D26, D31i, D40, D42, D45, D46i, D52i, D56i, D57, D60, D65, D67, E10, E5, E58, E75, E80, E82, E90, EX75, EX85, FT31, FT36i, FT42, FT45, FT46, G10, G100, GoFox F15, H100, H120, H200, H400, I10, i10, i110, i15, i20, i60, i65, i70, i74, i95, i97, i97, L100, L15, L20, L22, L25, L30, L90, M42, M82, P6, P6 Pro, P7, P7 Pro, P9Plus, R30, R40, Roar V20, S101, S103, S105, S200, S90, V100, V110, V120, V128, V130, V140, V145, V150, V155, V20, V25, V32, V40, V42, V46, V49, V50, V70, V75, V92, V92, V94, V95, V98, V99+, W125, W130, W15i, W16, W17, W18, W20, W21, W21 2G, W30, W31, W32, W65i, W66, W67, W68, W68Q, W69, W690Q, W71, W71i, W71i, W72, W82, W85, W86, W95, X94, Z16, Z18, Z33, Z35, ZIII
Syntax: K11
T-Mobile: Affinity, Beat, E200 Vibe, Energy, Unity, Vairy Touch, Vairy Touch II, Vivacity, X760, Zest
TAG: Heuer RM267v, L21
Taixing: D008
Tambo: TA-1, TA-2, TA-40
Tasen: US2
Taxco: DM79, DM87, M5, TX12, TX60, W10
TCell: S202
TCL: 10SE, 3188+, 3188M, 3188U, 4024D, 4047D U5 3G, 5045X, 5051d, 718, 728, 738, 9022X pixi384g, A288, D569, D659, E330, GQ05, M361, M388, M530, M580, M586, M819, P502U, Q39, Q510, Q515, Q550, T106, T108, T550, T558, T766, T939, U58, U80, V18, V6
Tecall: T200, T300
Techno: IN2, T220, T630, X780i
Tecmor: T222, T225
Tecno: 3 Air, A9, AC8, Air 2 ID3K, B1F, B1P, B2, BB2, BB4K, BC2C, BD2, BD2P, BD4a, BF1, C8, C9, CA6, CA8, Camon 12, Camon 12 Air KC3, Camon 12 CC7, Camon 15 Aig CD6, Camon 15 CD7, Camon 16 Premium, Camon 16 Pro, Camon 18P CH7N, Camon 19 Pro CI8, Camon CD7, CB7, CC7 Mini, CD7, CE7j Camon 16, CE9, CF7, CF8, CG6, CG8 Camon 17, CI6, CX, CX Air, D100, F1 Pro, F3, F3 Pop 1, G9, H3, H5, I3, ID5b, IN1, IN1 Pro, IN2, IN3, IN3 H3721, K7, K8, KA7, KB2, KB3 Camon iSKY 3, KB7 Spark 6, KC1, KC1H, KC2, KC8, KC8, KD6, KD6 Spark 5 Air, KE5, KE5J, KE5K, KE6, KE7, KF6i, KF6K, KF7Ji, KG5J, KG5K 64+3N, KG7H, LA7, LB6, LB7, LB8a, LC6 H617, LC7, LC8, LD7, M280, M5, MP3, N9, N9, P703, Phantom 6, Phantom X, Pop 2 Pro, Pop 2F B1F, Pop 4 BC2, Pop 4 BC2c, Pop 4 LTE BC1S, Pop 4 Pro BC3, Pop 5 BD2D, Pop 5 BD2P, Pop 5 LTE BD4, Pop 6 Go, Pouvoir 3 Air, Pova LD7J, Pova Neo LE6, PR651, R8O Pro, RA7, RA8, RB6S, RB8S, SA2S, SA75, SA7s, SC7S, Spark 3 KB7j, Spark 4, Spark 4 KC2, Spark 4 Lite, Spark 5, Spark 5 Pro, Spark 5 Pro KD7, Spark 6, Spark 6 Air KE6J, Spark 7 PR651H, Spark 7P, Spark 7p KF7j, Spark 8 KG6, Spark 8P, Spark 9T KH6, Spark Go, Spark TC1, Spatk 7 Pro KF8, ST600, ST880, T277, T324, T330, T340, T341, T342, T345, T349, T400, T402, T470, T570, T600, T7, T727, T800, T880, T950, TSSI, V410, V500, V801, V90i, W1, W2, W5, WX3 H8014, WX4, X200, X200i, X210, Y4
Tecnoshow: TC8898
TeddyPhone: I3300
Teksun: Xunhu
Telcel: Z11
Tele2: Midi
Telefunken: TCP-002, Telc 73GIQ, TF5X
Telego: C3782, Q5, T6, T7, V808, W408, X1, X2
Telenor: Infinity 4G, Infinity A2, Infinity A2, Infinity A2, Infinity E2 L108, Infinity E3, Infinity E4, Infinity E5, Infinity i, Infinity i4, Infinity i5, Infinity K, Infinity K2, Infinty A, Smart Pro
Telit: T200, T250
Telma: F1 Max 4G
Telsda: 319, 319+, 349, A318D, B1000, E65, i310, KQ108, T090, T915, TS617, TS627, TS637
TengYu: N86, N98+
Tesco: T3
Tesco-Mobile: Mojo Chat
Tethin: S350
Tevion: MD96110
TGW: 706
Thin: K600+, K900+
Thin-Mobile: K6+
ThinMobile: K1+, K6+
Thomsom: TLINK455
Thomson: T610H, TH102, TN320, TN710
Thrus: D98
Tian-Wai: 508
Tianxin: H003, H003+
Tianyu: A699, B830, B832, M99, S655, X555
Tichcell: A07
Tiger: 7710, 7712+, 7718, KF928
Tinmo: F100, F2010, F800, F9
Tinno: C800, E01c, HD100, S4031A, S5201, T500, T670, TV900, TV990, X66A+
Tinstar: S500
Tintele: S2, TT-N1 Black, TT-N1 Gold, TT-V2, TT-V300, TT-V33
TipTop: M11, T22
Titan: V70, V71
Titanic: T-70, T2
TM: MID710
TMN: 1210, 500, 5000, BlackStone, BlueBelt I, BlueBelt II, Easy, Sapo A5, Script, SilverBelt, Softstone
TOCS: C001, C64, C68, M52
Togocel: F1 Max 4G
Tonga: M108
Tonsin: MM79
Top: P9, S21, S23+
Top1: V366
Torque: D80, D90, Droidz EAS
Tosello: Spatola
Toshiba: TS10, TS30, TS608
Toshibo: Q300, V118, V8, V9+
Touch: 568, D300
Touch-Diamond: Hi7
TouchMate: e-Tab TM-MID-710, TM-MID-712, TM-MID-755
TouchPhone: i9
TP-Link: Neffos C5a, Neffos TP802a, Neffos X1 Lite, TP601A
TP-Tel: Z6
Trend: A3, T100, T101, T181, T200, T300, T303, T450, T500, T505, T555, T786
Trident: MB-1100, MB-700T-3, W-T8
Trio: Selfie 3 T45, T1, Trendy T1, V51 DT
TrueSmart: 4G Speedy 4.0
Trus: D98, D99
TSD: T619, TD630, TS806
TTK: 98, N82
TTN: DSX 900
TTN-Mobile: D530i
Turbox: Fire 4G
TV: 6700, 7000, 7700, 868DQ, N99i, T88
TV-Mobile: A2688, AK09, C5000, S2, V702
TvMobile: C702, G10, Q1, T737, T88
Twee: A579, ST88
Twice: 1105i
Twings: T600
TwinSim: T60, T99
Twoe: E500A
Ubislate: 7CZ
UCall: M108
Ufo: 833, 995, Digital Mobile
Ufone: G3510, G5500, G6600, G7600, Smart U5, TPS350 biometric device
Ulefone: Armor 6S, S7, S9 Pro
Ultra-Slim: M9
UMI: Plus E
Umidigi: A3, London
Unihertz: Atom, Jelly2
Uninor: G-S212, S212
Unistar: U61, U925
UP-Tec: TV-Mobile
Upptel: V700
Urbest: U2160
Usha-Lexus: 2020B, 303B, 777B, 789B, 800B, 828B, 838B, 858B, 877B, UL2104
UTEC: S898
UTstarcom: C2011B, C620, CL1135, CL381EN, G520, GFM114CP, GLP138GT, GLP138GTN, GLPF1114MX, GLPL138MX, GLPL148SV, GPF1134CA, GPF198, GPFE1238, GPFE1258, GPFE128en, GPFL1238CW, GPFM1238, GPFM1238CL, GPPE1238CW, GPPE1238ENR, GPRS1328, GPRS568, GPRS748, GPRS749, GPRS758, GPRS778, GPRS779, GPT2085, GPT380EN, GSM708, GSM718, GSM719, GTX212, GTX212CA, TE1201SV
V-Fone: 328
Vadra: V7i
Vaic: A1900, A618, Strike TV-Mobile, T800
Vaio: 5MP, 7MP, A328, A447, A968
Vairy: Touch, Touch II
Vandroid: S3c
Vave: S70
VCall: 829, V329, V850, V929
VDF: 200
Veeta: T18
Vell-Com: VE 1209, VE07
Vellcom: V07, V07W, VE 07, VE 09, VE 1209, VE07, X2-02
Vemo: K630i
Venus: C9000, S90, V300, V308, V800, V900
Veon: A280, A48, A68, S303, T10
Veptu: 8088, N888, N888c, N888i
Vergatario: 5
Vertex: D514, Impress Bear, Impress Stone
Vertice: C5+
Verto: 899
Verykool: i115, i119, i121, i126s, i250, i270, i280, i300, i305, i405, i410, i500, i600, i603, i605, i700, i720, S353, T742
Veva: S90
VFD: 200
VFone: B18, Moon sc8830
Vgotel: 5, Four 22, Four 44, I Classic, i-Music, i-Smart, i10, i10 Classic, i100, i111, i12, i14, i15, i20, i200, i210, I251, i261, i3, i400, i499, i515, I550, I550, I550 Plus, i7, i700, i800, New 11, New 7, Ocean 1, Ocean 6, Ocean 9, Ocean 9, Ocean 9L, Oceans 5, P2, P4, P5, S100, S200, S22, Smart 5, Smart 7, Smart Hi-Fi, Super Jumbo i700, V12, V2, V2+, v3310, V5310, Venture V10, Venture V12, Venture V2, Venture V8
Vibo: Y31A
Victor: VG811, VM09, VM13, VM5, VM92
Vida: i501
Videocan: Z41 Lite+
Videocon: A15+, A16, A29, A29F, A45, F290, V1300, V1305, V1306, V1402, V1403, V1405, V1420, V1422, V1455, V1521, V1523, V1534+, V1555, V1560, V1561, V1565, V1585, V1602, V1604, V1675, V1750, V502830, V503418, vPhone, Z30, Z40, Z45, Z45 Dazzle, Z45q, Z45Q Star, Z55 Krypton, Zest Lite
Viettel: 6216, V6202, V6206
Vigo: V20
Vigoo: C3000, K791, K902, K918, Xpress Music K918
Vigotel: i550
Vigy: Mini
Vimaxx: V88
Viniy: 1500
Vinko: G3, IP6, NX2000, Z10
Vinovo: S2
Violet: Pad V
Virgin: Fly SX200, Lobster 485, Lobster 544, Lobster 575, MicroSnapper, V-Slide, V-Touch, VM621i
VirtuV: V989
Vision: H8
Vitel: TSM1, TSM2, TSM3, TSM4, TSM5m, TSM6
Vitell: V212, V222, V720, V907
Vitu: Mars 9
Viva: Q201
Vivax: Fly V550, Fly-V550
Vivi: S8+
Vivo: 1603, 1610, 1610 Y55s, 1716, 1716 V7+, 1718, 1723, 1724, 1808, 1808 Y81, 1812, 1815 Y91, 1820, 1823, 1901, 1915, 1938, 1938 Y30, 2015, S1, S1 1907, S1 PD1913F, S7i, V11 Pro 1804, V11i, V15, V15 1819, V21 5G V2050, V2111, V3, V3M, V5 Plus 1611, V5 V2026, V7, V7 Plus, V7 Plus 1716, V9, V9, V9 1723, V9 Youth 1727, X9 PD1616, Y01, Y11, Y11t, Y12, Y12 PD1901BF, Y12/Y15 1901, Y12s, Y12S V2026, Y15, Y15, Y15 1901, Y15A V2134, Y17, Y17 1901, Y19, Y1s, Y20 V2043, Y20G V2037, Y20S V2037, Y21, Y21 2021 V2111, Y21L, Y28, Y29L, Y30, Y30s, Y31L, Y33 PD1422L, Y33S, Y33S PD2147DF, Y33S V2109, y51, Y51L, Y53, Y53 1606, Y53 PD1628F, Y53s V2058 5G, Y55L, Y55L 1603, Y55S, Y55S 1603, Y55S 1610, Y5S, Y65, Y66 1609, Y69, Y69 1714, Y71, Y71, Y71 1724, Y71 PD1731F, Y71i, Y81, Y81 1803, Y81 1808, Y81 1812, Y81i, Y83, Y83 1802, Y85 1726, Y854, Y85A, Y9 Youth 1727, Y90, Y90 1908, Y91, Y91 CPH1820, Y91C, Y91c 1820, Y91d, Y91i, Y91i 1820 19, Y93, Y95 1807, Y97 PD1813
Viwa: i7
VK-Mobile: VG207, VK1500, VK180, VK200, VK2000, VK200_unlock, VK2010, VK2020, VK2030, VK207i, VK3100, VK4000, VK4500, VK500, VK518, VK520, VK530, VK540, VK550, VK560, VK570, VK580, VK700, VK800, VK900
VL: F640
VLife: V1
VMobile: Spiphone
Vnus: Max 12, Moon M24, Sun S21, Zeus Z81
Vodacom: Kicka 4 Plus, Kicka 4 VE, Kicka 5
Vodafone: 123, 1230, 1231, 125, 135, 145, 150, 225, 225FM, 226, 226FM, 227, 228, 235, 250, 252, 330FM, 331, 340, 345, 351, 500, 501, 541, 543, 547, 550, 553, 785, 945, Indie, Smart Mini7 VFD-300, Smart Tab 4, Smart Tab N8 VFD1300, Smart Turbo 7, Smart Turbo7, SmartTab 4, Tab v1100, V1100, VDF-1100, VDF-200, VDF-300 Mini 7, VDF-500, VDF-600, VF 895N, VF685, VF695, VFD 527, VFD-1100, VFD-200, VFD-300, VFD-700, VFD100, VFD300 Smart Mini 7, VFD700
Voice: Q7, V10, V10i, V12, V120, V121, V130, V14, V144, V15, V150, V155, V160, V165, V174, V175, V177, V180, V190, V20, V2022, V21, V22, V30, V40, V41, V440, V540, V550, V555, V666, V70, V750, V777, V80, V888, V9, V950, V970, XTreme V14, XTreme V15, XTreme V25, XTreme V60, XTreme X3
Voice-Mobile: V31, V45, V51
Vonino: Epic E8
Voto: V9
Voukou: S8 F1053
Vox: Kick K5, V6666
Voxtel: 1iD, 2iD, 3iD, BD50, BD60, RX11, RX600, RX800, V350, V50, V500, VS600, VS800
Voxx: V9
VS&ME: V300
VSmart: Bee V220B
VSUN: Capture, NOTE, Vtab 3G
VTech: V6
Vtelca: Caribe
Vtouch: V7101
W-Tide: 6620i
Wailung: N82+
Waltom: Primo GM3
Walton: C2, D8s, EF2, EF3, Em, F5, F6, F8s, G7, G8i, GH3, GH7, GH7i, H8 Turbo, HM2, L7, NF, NF4, Primo, Primo C2, Primo D1, Primo D2, Primo E1, Primo E3, Primo E7 Plus, Primo EF3, Primo EF4, Primo EF6+, Primo EF8 4G, Primo F2, Primo GF2, Primo GH10, Primo GH2, Primo GH4, Primo GH5, Primo GM, Primo GM2+, Primo H3, Primo H5, Primo H8, Primo NF, Primo S3, R6 Max, RH2, RX2, RX7, X1
Watch: Q2
WatchPhone: A007, Apoda, M500, M800, M801, M810, V2, W08, W688+, Z5000, Z5100, Z5200
WE: F1, L7, L7
Welcome: J7 Max
Wellcom: BM1, DM1, DM2, DM3, DM5, DM8, L358, L388, SM1, W110, W111, W310, W310LCD, W330, W350, W501, W503, W520, W538, W801, W803, W810, W811, W818, W818FM, W818LCD, W819, W820, W829, W838, W910, W920, W930, W9339, W980
Wemo: T900
Wentto: DG699
Western: D110, D50, D55, D60, D80
Whahmi: W24i
Wheatek: Digi C2
WhiteCherry: BL2000
Widetel: WT T600
Wiko: Fever, Freddy, Goa, Harry, Harry 2 W V600, Highway Signs, Hurry, IGGY, JERRY, Jerry 3, K120, K510, Kenny, Lenny, Lenny 4, Lenny 5, Lenny2, Lubi2, P4661AN, Pulp Fab, Rainbow, Robby 2, Sunny 2, Sunny 2 Plus, Sunny 3 W K120, Sunny V2502AN, Sunny4, Sunset, Sunset 2, Tino K300, Tommy 2, Tommy 3, V3963, View XL, View4 Lite, W-K600, W-V680, W-V730, WIM i9051, Y51 W-K211, Y60 K510W, Y60 W K510, Y61 W-K560, Y62 K-610, Y80 W V720
Wileyfox: MMB29X, Porridge
Wing: M22, M24, REX90, V55
Winmax: Tiger X10, W105, W108, W15, W2, W201, W207, W50, W800, WX12, Wx13
Winstar: W100, W300, W305, W5, W666, W777, W90, W903
Wintel: Champ, Hero
Wintouch: M701, Q75S
Wise-Tech: M1, Wise Tab
WND: 2200
Wootel: B15, W200
Wowi: SQ733
WTB: N8 Mini
Wyncomm: Storm, W416
Wynncom: Y20
X-BO: V11, V3+
X-BQ: P14
X-inova: E1205
X-Max: X1000
X-Touch: PL78
Xcell: Zoom
XCite: 415
XDF: N58
XDS: V890, W890
XED: X689
XEN: XN501
Xgody: G200
Xiaomi: HM 1S, HM Note 1TD, Max, Max 2, Mi Play, Mi Play Lotus, Poco C3, Poco M4 Pro 5G, Redmi 10 5G, Redmi 10X, Redmi 10X 4G, Redmi 10X Pro 5G, Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Global, Redmi 2 LTE, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi 3, Redmi 3s, Redmi 3S Prime, Redmi 4c, Redmi 4i, Redmi 4x, Redmi 4X MAI132, Redmi 5, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi 5A, Redmi 5A Riva, Redmi 6 Cereus, Redmi 6A Cactus, Redmi 9 Cattail, Redmi 9 Indian, Redmi 9 Prime, Redmi 9 Prime Lancelot, Redmi 9A Dandelion, Redmi 9c Angelica, Redmi 9I Dandelion, Redmi Note 10 5G, Redmi Note 10S, Redmi Note 11S, Redmi Note 11T 5G, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4x, Redmi Note 5 MEI7, Redmi Note 5 Plus ME, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Merlin, Redmi Note 9T, Redmi Y1 Lite MDI6
XiMax: A638
XinBao: 2632, 2638
Xingtai: 338
Xingtong: 5700
Xingya: L08
Xintai: T800+, T800i, T900
XinTaio: T800+
XKSSTEL: S3+, S4, X11, X12, X16, X200, X300
Xltel: C788, G616, S990
Xolo: 1010i, 4g, A500 Club, A500s, A600, A700, B700, Era 2X, Era W3015, Era X, Omega 5.0, Omega 5.5, One, Q1001, Q1020, Q1200, Q2500, Q500s, Q610, Q710s, Q800, X600
Xperia: X10
Xpress: X12, X20
XT: T600
XTelecom: X3128, X3128+, X3128B, X9118, X9128, X9138, X918, X9199
Xtouch: E1, PF10s, PL73, X405
XTreme: X2
XTTel: C3000+, C5000+, C7000+
Xunchi: 138
Y-King: Y102
Yangfan: HK008
Yarvik: SMP53 210
Yasoma: Y133
YaXing: E50, V800, V808
Yes-Optus: D736
YessBoss: E440
Yestel: 306, 308, 5-TS, 5S, 630, 808, Asha 306, Asha 308, Java N200, L925, Lumia 630, Lumia 808, M311, X7
Yezz: Andy 3.5EI, Max 1 Plus, Z10
Yicheer: A5899
Yin-Ma: K100
Yingtai: TV2000, TV7000
Yotopt: Y103
YoYo: Y1
YU: 4711, 5010A, Yunicorn YU5530, Yuphoria 5010a
Yuho: Uno, Vast Plus, Y1 Pro
Yureka: Yu 5010
Yuwin: E9
Yxtel: A2202, A301, A85, C8, C802, C9, C900, C910, C930, E71i, E88, G009, K002, M66, Q636, W666, X88
ZC: 520TL
Zen: Admire Fab Q+, Admire Sense, Admire SXY, Admire Unity, CG555, Cinemax Infinity Blaze, Cinemax Infinty, Kult KT05, M11, M25, M7, M72, M8i, M9, Mini, P35, P36, P37, P61 XL, Ultrafone 501, UltraFone U303, UltraFone U402 Pro, X12, X13, X4, X400, Z66
Zentality: C-712
Zero: Diamond Plus X60
Zetel: N82y, N95y, N95Y+, N96y
Zetta: A10
Zigo: Eon 32i, Eon 45i
Zingtong: 5700
Ziox: F9 Pro
ZLT: X88
ZMC: A100
ZMEM: 1075
Zodia: F1, Z55m
Zogo: V809
Zoho: 5800, G700, S859+, S98+, V88+, W9
Zonda: 1075, 1075R, 1085, 1090, 1095, 1095R, 1099, G1840, G1860, G1880, Levis, MZ1, MZ2, MZ9, N2000, TF350, TF425, ZMax500, ZMCK870, ZMCK890, ZMCK895, ZMEM1120, ZMKN110, ZMTFTTV20, ZMTN600, ZMTN610, ZMTN615, ZMTN905, ZMUR300
Zong: 4G Z2, A136, BH502, R221, Z1, Z1
Zook: H6
Zoom: Z100i
ZR: M66
ZT: 1689, 2688, 303, 3188, 321, 326, 5188, 579, 588, 6618, 6668, 710, 777, 8118, 9198, 999, C600, C92+, K699, MI3, N6168, Q7, V918
ZTC: 111, 1196, 168, 1688, 169, 2009, 268, 369, 444, 528, 532, 555, 588, 618, 6500, 6588, 660, 6618, 6628, 663, 666, 6688, 699, 777, 777i, 778, 787, 7X, 818, 8188, 866, 868, 958, A108, A168, A231, A281, A287, A5, A688, A818, A838, A868, A898, A990, B280i, C10000, C118, C2000, C300, C600, C900, D1100, D1110, D1112, D1117, D1120, D1200, D828, DC818, DC888, DY579, DY579+, E550, E71TV+, E86, F1, F16B, F480, F688, F882, F897, H18, H5, H668, H688, H998, IP9300, JC599, K118+, K119, K127, K600, K650, K650i, K700, K900, K900+, K910, L101+, L99, LV918, M1, M608, M618, M8800, M98, M99, N100, N101, N107, N328, N328 Blueteech, N329, N38, N39, N6128, N689, N82, N880, N880+, N95, P8500, Q530, Q531, S500, S508, S508+, S600+, S7, S888, SL88, SlimPhone, T118, T518, T58, T63, T63i, T64, T699, T85, T85e, T88, T88i, TV200, TV8, TV88, V66, V795, V800, V8i, X668, X668+, Y200, ZT N6128, ZT003, ZT009, ZT018, ZT019, ZT11, ZT123, ZT1588, ZT1598, ZT160, ZT168, ZT1689, ZT169, ZT188, ZT199, ZT2000, ZT2006, ZT2008, ZT2087, ZT2088, ZT2180, ZT268, ZT2688, ZT303, ZT3188, ZT321, ZT321, ZT321, ZT321 TVmobile, ZT325, ZT326, ZT33, ZT3328, ZT508, ZT511, ZT5168, ZT5188, ZT528, ZT5680, ZT5688, ZT58, ZT580, ZT582, ZT588, ZT588+, ZT608, ZT6099, ZT6588, ZT6618, ZT6618 PDA, ZT6628, ZT666, ZT6668, ZT668, ZT6688, ZT6698, ZT6699, ZT678, ZT68, ZT698, ZT699, ZT710, ZT8008, ZT8088, ZT8089, ZT8099, ZT8118, ZT8188, ZT82, ZT8380, ZT86, ZT868, ZT8800, ZT8828, ZT8828+, ZT888, ZT8886, ZT8898, ZT8899, ZT89, ZT890, ZT8900, ZT898, ZT918, ZT9198, ZT928, ZT9288, ZT968, ZT988, ZT989, ZT999, ZT999e, ZTM608, ZTN329, ZTS508
ZTE: 123, 125, 195, 201, 2010, 202, 203, 204, 225, 225FM, 226, 227, 228, 231, 731, 7310, 7610, 811, A12, A12+, A136, A136G, A139, A15, A16, A201, A201+, A205, A205+, A206, A208, A21 Plus, A211, A212, A213, A215, A215+, A261, A261+, A261FM, A292, A3 2020, A301, A316i, A35, A35FM, A36, A36+, A36FM, A37, A37, A39, A5, A51, A520, A61, A611, A611+, A62, A62+, A66, A661, A68, A80, A831, A832, A833, A861, A931, A932, A933+, Amigo, Android, Aspire A3 2019, Aspire A5, Axon 20 4G, Blade, Blade A110, Blade A2 Plus, Blade A3, Blade A3 2019, Blade A3 Lite, Blade A31, Blade A31 Lite, Blade A460, Blade A5 Pro, Blade A51, Blade A520, Blade A520C, Blade A602, Blade A7 2019RU, Blade G2, Blade L110, Blade L111, Blade L130, Blade L210, Blade L5, Blade L8, Blade Lux Q, Blade S, Blade S6, Blade V10 Vita, Blade V6 Plus, Blade V7 Lite, C310, C332, C335, C632, Carl, Coral 200, E400, E810, E821S, F120, G-F120, G-N280, G-N281, G-N281 Negro, G-N290, G-N295, G-R220, G-R220 Lime, G-R221, G-R225, G-R230, G-R231, G-R235, G-R236, G-R236m, G-R620, G-S202, G-S212, G-S213, G-S215, G-S315, G-S516, G-T202, G-X671, G-X760, G-X930, G-X990, G-X991, Global Z3, Grand X Pro, H500, i766, i766CN, i799, Kis 3, LaPoste, Libra, Link, Maxx, Mercury, Monte Carlo, Movistar Class, Movistar Link, Movistar Prime, N261, N280, N281, N281 Negro, N285, N290, N295, N61, Nubia NX549J, NX597J, Optus X Vista Z66210, P172R10, P600 Optus X Sight 2, P650 Pro Z6351O, P726G, P729B, P729V, P733K, P733N, Q806T, R220, R220 Lime, R221, R225, R228, R230, R231, R235, R236, R236m, R250, R3100, R620, R622, R630P, R631, R791, R830, Racer, Raise, Rio II, Roamer, RTK-D1, S202, S202 VTecla, S212, S213, S215, S315, S315+, S316+, S511, S516, S518m, S521, S751, Sage, SanFransisco II, Skate, Smart Netphone 701, SmartFren Wide, Smartron T5211, Star Addict, Star Trail, T202, T28, T610, T815, Telstra Smart Touch T3020, Tureis, Turksell T1, U983, V170 Austria, V795, V812 Skinny, V816W, V830, V852, V859, V875, V880, V880+, V887, V889M, V9 Tablet, V960, Vtelca Vergetario 5+, WP626, X60, X630, X632, X670, X671, X730, X760, X760+KP, X761, X850, X876, X930, X960, X990, X991, XCD35, Xiang, Z990, Z990g, Zong Z3
ZYQ: Q638

CPU & SoC: MT6205, MT6208, MT6217, MT6218, MT6219, MT6223, MT6225, MT6226, MT6227, MT6228, MT6230, MT6235, MT6236, MT6238, MT6239, MT6250, MT6252, MT6253, MT6260, MT6261, MT6268, MT6276, MT6570, MT6571, MT6572, MT6575, MT6577, MT6580, MT6582, MT6583, MT6592, MT6595, MT6735, MT6735M, MT6737, MT6737M, MT6739, MT6750, MT6752, MT6753, MT6755, MT6757, MT6761, MT6762, MT6763, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6781, MT6785, MT6795, MT6797, MT6833, MT6853, MT6873, MT6877, MT6885, MT6893, MT8127, MT8163, MT8167, MTK, sc6530a, sc6531, sc6531e, sc6531efm, sc6533g, sc653x, sc6820, sc7715, sp7715, sc7715ga, sp7715ga, sc7731, sp7731, sc7731c, sp7731c, sc7731ceb, sp7731ceb, sc7731e, sp7731e, sc7731ef, sp7731ef, sc7731g, sp7731g, sc7731gea, sc7731m, sp7731m, sc7731x, sp7731x, sc773x, sp773x, sc77xx, sp77xx, sc8830, sc9600, sc9820a, sp9820a, sc9820e, sp9820e, sc9832, sp9832, sc9832a, sp9832a, sc9832e, sp9832e, sc983x, sp983x, sc9850, sp9850, sc9850ka, sp9850ka, sc9850x, sp9850x, sc9853i, sc9860x, sp9860x, sc9863, sp9863, sc9863a, sp9863a, sc9863x, sp9863x, T107, UIS7862, UMS312, UMS512|UT61x, UMS9117, UMS9230, Unisoc|Spreadtrum, MSM8226, MSM8905, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8929, MSM8936, MSM8937, MSM8940, MSM8952, MSM8953, MSM8956, MSM8956+, MSM8974, MSM8976, MSM8996, MSM8998, MSM8x09, QM215, Qualcomm, RDA8851A, RDA8851C, RDA8851L, RDA8851X, RDA8955, RK2928, RK2929, RK3026, RK3066, RK30XX, RK3126C, RK312X, RK3288, RK3326, DCT4+, RAP3Gv4, S40, S60, S60 APE, SDM429, SDM439, SDM660 WT2, SL2, SL3, XGold-213 XMM2130 Quantum and more

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