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2021-08-26 Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2MT2 v2.28 - MT6877, MT6893, Repair Security and more [Firmware v0150]

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Changed: Protocol updated for Raphael / Legacy platforms
NewSOC: MT6877 supported - any security state - SLA, DAA, Plain
NewSOC: MT6893 supported - any security state - SLA, DAA, Plain
Changed: FireFly / Infinity DA (Download Agents) updated
Changed: NVRAM manager has been rebuild from scratch
For now it covers all Old and Modern devices for Identify and Repair operations in FlashMode!

FireFly - Universal DA (Download Agent) that was created by Infinity Team to reach new service level and gives features

FireFly: NewSOC: MT6739
FireFly: NewSOC: MT6761
FireFly: NewSOC: MT6763
FireFly: New operations supported:
Repair Security for Generic, Vivo and all other non-signed cases
Read / Write NVRAM
Restore Backup

Current list of supported SoC:

Supported operations:
Identify: Device Info ( Android ), HWInfo with Full eMMC and EOL info
Format FS: Smart Reset, Extra and all other mode are supported
MemoryTool: Allow execute ALL supported MemoryTool functions
BootLoader Unlock: Allow Unlock device Bootloader - WITHOUT touching UserData
Repair Security for Generic, Vivo and all other non-signed cases
Read / Write NVRAM
Restore Backup

Changed: UltraFlash engine updated and also any limitations has been removed
Changed: Flash engine updated

Firmware Reader
Changed: New types supported
Changed: Internal Database updated
Changed: MT6877 support
Changed: MT6893 support
Changed: Fake "Samsung" devices processing fixed

Changed: "SmartReset" updated
Changed: "SmartReset Extra" updated
Changed: "Identify" operation now show more security info
Changed: "Identify" operation now show modem info/version
Changed: New NVRAM engine/tools
! Read device security now works with Legacy (Old/New) and Raphael (Old/New) lines
! Rebuild check/verify procedures for modern devices
! Repair Security now works in flash mode for Raphael line too ( support most UNSIGNED types - Generic, Huawei, Vivo, Nokia etc. )
! Repair security NOT work with vendor-signed devices ( you will get info about device not supported during operation )
! Signed/Generic mode detection improved
Changed: Restore Backup operation has been updated
Changed: NVRAM read and write operations has been updated

Changed: FireFly mode support updated

Changed: Many different general changes and fixes applied
Feature: Feedback - BugReporting/DebugData collection module enabled. Feedback can be enabled/disabled during installation.
! Feedback feature made for fast, automatic reporting to team about new/unsupported devices in different operations without any additional need of actions from user side.
! That will allow bring server-side updates faster and make updates for new and unsupported phones, if need, every day!

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