Support and software updates policy
Install Drivers
Read Dongle Serial Number (S/N)
Register & Activate Dongle
Update Dongle (Smart-Card) Firmware - [DongleManager]
Download Software, SoC Drivers, Firmware Flash files
Firmware File Finder
Application Selector - [Shell]
Application Selector - Online
Download Software, SoC Drivers, Firmware Flash files

Download Software and Updates - Download SoC Drivers - Download Manuals

NOTE: extract with 7-Zip with password 12345678

Download Firmware Files and more tools

Step-by-step instruction -> Sign In to Infinity Online Service (IOS) -> Download & Support -> Download Firmware Flash Files

NOTE: Number of available download areas depends on your subscription

How to Check Support Expiry/Validity date

How to Renew Support:

- Send your Dongle S/N to any Seller
- Wait confirmation from seller and after that update your Dongle firmware with Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager]

If you have funds at your IOS Account you can renew support instantly via Infinity Online Service (IOS)

Support forum registration code: Q84GRP
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