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-Support, Renew and software updates policy
-Installation and Dongle Drivers
-Activate and Update Dongle, Read Serial Number (S/N) - DongleManager
-Download Software, SoC Drivers, Firmware Flash files. Support Renew

Activate and Update Dongle, Read Serial Number (S/N) - DongleManager

How to use Infinity CM2 or [BEST] Dongle with usb/remote/network sharing and debugger tools

Register and Activate Dongle

Brand new Dongle require firmware update to latest version. At the same time with firmware update you can Register Dongle with your e-mail address.
To register and install latest Dongle firmware download and run Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager]
Start Dongle firmware update process, you will see a Registration form.

- After Registration support area access activated for 12 months
- You DO NOT need to register Dongle again if you want to install software to another PC
- You CAN use dongle with unlimited number of PC
- Your registration e-mail address will be used to send you an information about software updates for the product you have purchased

Read Dongle Serial Number (S/N)

  • Run Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager]
  • Select Serial Number (S/N)
  • Click to Read Serial Number (S/N)

Update Dongle [Smart-Card] Firmware

New software release may require new Dongle firmware version. If you see a message like Update Dongle firmware after you run the software make the next:

  • Download latest Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager]
  • Unpack archive to folder, DO NOT run software directly from archive!
  • Run Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager]
  • Disable your PC Firewall and/or Antivirus and be sure Dongle Manager [Smart-Card Manager] has access to Internet
  • Select Update firmware and click to Update

NOTE: extract files with 7-Zip and password 12345678 or 1111

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